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The "you would, wouldn’t you?" thread

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    The "you would, wouldn’t you?" thread

    Sorry, I can restrain myself no longer [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]Please bear in mind that all comments made refer to the imaginary version of the player, and there is no intention of impugning the reputation of the actual player referred to. For the record, I'm sure they are all perfect gentlemen. [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

    1) David Wallace. It's always the quiet ones - I reckon he's filthy.

    2) Richie McCaw. Ditto.There's Something About Flankers....

    3) Denis Leamy. Have you seen the size of that bloke's hands?!?!

    4) Jerry Flannery. Have you seen the size of that guy's neck!?!?

    5) Dan Carter.Frankly abit too pretty for my taste, but I guess I could go for a back, for a change.

    My work here is done.....[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]
    For you stole Trevelyan\'s watch, So the young might see....oh, never mind....


    New infraction avoidance policy: a post may be described as imbecilic, but its author should never be described as an imbecile.



      You could cut the hormones in here this morning with a knife.
      "It’s not the team you support, it’s the club you should support. The team on the pitch will ebb and flow because that’s the nature of sport. No team has ever been successful decade on decade. The club has the history and that’s the passion you should have."


        Yikes, TCK strikes again. [img]smileys/sad.gif[/img]I thought this would be something interesting like women/cars/ blowing things up! You know the usual! [img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]
        To see the light one must first realise it is dark


          How come when Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider he gained superpowers yet when Alexander Litvinyenko ate some sushi laced with polonium he lost his hair and died? Once again it\'s one rule for comic book superheroes and another for KGB turncoats.



            Originally posted by Don Quayballs

            You just beat me to it. What a load of crap.

            The early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.


              Hahaha! Just thought I'd put it up because there were so many comments on the other one. Well, it is Friday...As often happens, I'm the only one to put my head over the parapet. (I defy anyone to make a filthy joke out of that )
              For you stole Trevelyan\'s watch, So the young might see....oh, never mind....


                Laurence Dallaglio YUMMY!!!



                  Quinny ..more mature but still in great shape

                  hmm on the others..

                  DOC - he'd be great fun ... trust me any photos I've seen don't do him justice ! Far better looking in person.

                  need to think about this one a bit more ... there's quite a few nice ones among the younger players, I'm just trying to decide how guilty I'd feel about listing them [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

                  Plato: \"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.\"


                    Only Quinny would do



                      Ah girls, I knew I wouldn't be on my own! [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]

                      (I would have thought the lads would be pleased enough about this, if only because it proves thatwomen have strange taste in men [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img])

                      For you stole Trevelyan\'s watch, So the young might see....oh, never mind....



                        Great thread TCK!! Leaving aside that this is complete fantasy, here goes...

                        Chris Cullen - God yes...
                        Chris Delooze - God yes...
                        Ian Dowling - dunno... he's a KK man...
                        Trevor Halstead - in a NY minute - sooner if it can be arranged!
                        Eoghan Hickey - nope, blond.
                        Anthony Horgan - not that conventionally good looking but the proverbial sex on legs IMO
                        John Kelly - yup indeedy
                        Mossie - he's just cheeky, have to be a yes!
                        Larry Murphy - scary... but it would be rude to leave him out.
                        Jeremy Manning - blond
                        Diogo - Are you kidding me?? What with all those latin lover stories, the line starts here.
                        Barry Murph - since that new haircut, definitely!
                        Ciaran O'Boyle- is he even legal?
                        ROG - no way JoseFantastique
                        Brian O'Meara - looks too goody, goody for me..
                        Champers - Oh! My! God!!
                        Strings - just can't get over that height differential...
                        Tony Buckley - whhoooaahhhh....
                        James Coughlan - Welcome to Munster!
                        The Fla - Turkish Hooker Blonde... nope (and anyway, Mrs S would have her spoons out fairly lively)
                        Denis Fogarty - cute out, definitely.
                        Axel - oh yeah
                        The Bull - too hairy...
                        Marcus - too fast!!
                        Andy K - blonde...
                        Denis - those Dualla boys are just dirty...
                        Tim McGann - nothing wrong with a bit of rough from Down Under!!
                        Eugene McGovern - those front row boys get such a raw deal, I'd have to be kind...
                        DOC - bit scary to wake up beside the Incredible Hulk but sure I'd give it a lash.
                        POC - if his work rate is anything like on the pitch.... [img]smileys/shock.gif[/img]
                        Shane O'Connor - blonde
                        Micko - blond'sh...
                        John O'Sullivan - just look at those curly locks...
                        Freddie - not a hope, never, no way
                        Quinnie - the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned!
                        Frank Roche - blond'sh... (just looking for a way out here..)
                        Donnacha Ryan - b'auld as I'd say... bring it on..
                        Frankie - Mrs S!!!
                        Wally - OH! MY! GOD!!! (with a bow, I think Eracoto said... now there's a picture)
                        Chris Wyatt - only if I only had to listen to him speak.

                        Did I miss anyone?? Am wrecked now!! [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
                        The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man - George Bernard Shaw


                          Yes I would[img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]



                            Originally posted by SecondRowGal

                            Did I miss anyone?? Am wrecked now!! [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]
                            what exactly were you doing? [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]



                              AND I THOUGHT I WAS A PERV!!! Wooohoo!!!

                              I can't believe I forgot Trevor Halstead. Surely that's a crime. Any man whose nickname is The Beast has to be worth a go. [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

                              Top two: Wally and Trev. Yowza. Double yowza, in fact.

                              Quinny is getting a fair old [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]here too.

                              Also, did you mean something else when you said "Marcus is too fast" [img]smileys/shock.gif[/img]

                              For you stole Trevelyan\'s watch, So the young might see....oh, never mind....