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Good Friday agreement

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    Good Friday agreement

    So 20 years on what sort of an island has developed ?, I remember back then thinking perhaps in 20 years time we will truly have an island free from divisiveness and mistrust ,in lots of ways that was a forlorn hope as northern Ireland to me seems as divided as ever. Are today's leaders michelle o Neill and Arlene foster able to deliver leadership that is badly absent at present ,looks like self interest dictates political life now rather than the greater good.
    Still there's a light I hold before me
    You're the measure of my dreams
    The measure of my dreams.

    From 1975


    So I say only: Bear in mind
    Those men and lads killed in the streets;
    But do not differentiate between
    Those deliberately gunned down
    And those caught by unaddressed bullets:
    Such distinctions are not relevant . . .
    Bear in mind the skipping child hit
    By the anonymous ricochet . . .
    And the garrulous neighbours at the bar
    When the bomb exploded near them;
    The gesticulating deaf-mute stilled
    by the soldier’s rifle in the town square
    And the policeman dismembered by the booby trap
    in the car . . .
    Patriotism has to do with keeping
    the country in good heart, the community
    ordered by justice and mercy;
    these will enlist loyalty and courage often,
    and sacrifice, sometimes even martyrdom.
    Bear these eventualities in mind also;
    they will concern you forever:
    but, at this moment, bear in mind these dead.

    - John Hewitt
    Munster – Champions of Europe 2006, 2008, 2020.