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    Wall/Window Vents

    Hi all,

    Bought a house recently and upgrading various bits and pieces.
    We're changing over from oil-fired central heating to gas central heating and in addition to this, getting insulation and double glazed windows in.

    Insulation crowd say we need vents (be they window or wall) and window crowd say we need wall vents because of the gas so there's no need for the window vents and I'm a little confused as to what the best solution is?

    I've heard horror stories of the cold and noise that poorly done wall vents can cause so was leaning towards the window vents but the window guy seems quite against them.

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    Have a look at this Cathal....

    All gas appliances need air to work, exhaust gases are expelled and new air is needed to facilitate combustion.

    Some boilers will have a balanced flue which will do both.

    A gas fire can be fitted with a balanced flue also. Separate vents seem wasteful to me.

    A good installer will be well clued up on all this stuff.
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      I'd have window vents regardless of the heating type, keeps a room fresh
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        Make sure you get carbon monoxide detector as well if changing the heating system. One on each floor.


          Originally posted by sewa View Post
          I'd have window vents regardless of the heating type, keeps a room fresh
          Stops condensation, IMHO.

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