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When Paddy says N*****

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    When Paddy says N*****

    Let’s face it, when it comes to hard times we (Irish) like to think we can cut it with the best of them.

    As Gerry (Adams) reminded us - we had the penal laws and we had the famine - and yes, okay Gerry, we had the (previous) Stormont regime.

    But as Gerry seemed to grudgingly admit at his damage limitation (or was it pre-election free publicity) press conference - we are not quite in the same league as those (black) Africans subjected to the horrors of slavery.

    To be fair to Gerry he didn’t mention that our own ills and the horrors of those subject to slavery - were both (allegedly) organised by our ‘perfidious’ neighbours - or perhaps that was just a very poor oversight Gerry?

    Of course you don’t get to (allegedly) run an insurgency for over 30 years in your own country and not make a few enemies along the way especially when you threaten to upset the political apple-cart and displace those still quibbling over the fall out (the civil war) of the previous insurgency – by then trying to get into (proper) government.

    So when Gerry utters the N word - even when uttered in solidarity with those who have taken an even nastier one than us - up the Historical jacksie - you can expect a lot of Gerry’s political enemies to be on his case.

    But whatever the rights and wrongs of historical comparisons - Gerry really should know better - only a Paddy get to use the word Paddy and only a...

    … ah feck it - couldn’t bring myself to say it.

    Originally Posted by mr chips
    AG gets the responses he does because he is a journalist..

    Nulla semper amicus, servivit mihi, in iniuriam mihi neminem quem non persolvi