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    Dentist Cork City

    Any recommendations for a dentist in Cork City? Terrified of them tbh (previous bad experience) but have some work i need done asap!
    "If all the wild horsemen of the apocalypse came around the corner O'Mahony would charge straight back at them."
    Will Greenwood

    Conor Clune in Douglas.
    Mumha Abu


      Dr Shallow? Was always recited to us by my Tipp-born mother in a Montenotte accent

      The Tooth

      I once had an old tooth which not only refused to masticate, but it also
      prevented me from using my healthy ones. So one day I said to myself, "To
      ache or not to ache?" The question was, "Is it nobler to suffer in my poor
      jaw the pangs of this outrageous tooth, or to take up a pincers against
      this tooth of trouble, take it out and put an end to it. Dental surgery I
      devotedly desired. So I went to a neighboring town, and as I was passing
      down South Main Street I saw marked on the conspicuous part of a door:

      "Doctor Shallow, R.F.S.T.I., R.B.C.D.
      All who suffer, come to me.
      Come with hopes, for I won't deceive you.
      Whatever your pains are, I'll relieve you.
      If it's toothaches you fear
      Sure the dental surgery practiced here."

      Then says I to myself, "I'm all right now anyway. I'll step in a while and
      see if Doctor Shallow is deep enough to get under this old tooth of
      mine." So I now went in and I spoke to him as follows. I said,

      "Doctor Shallow, my dear," says I.
      "Have you any remedy here," says I.
      "For a poor and suffering youth," says I.
      "With a painful and broken tooth?" says I.

      Says Doctor Shallow to me, says he,
      "You seem to be a decent fellow." says he.
      "If you step in a while," says he.
      "I'll get my hammer and file." says he.
      "With my finger and thumb," says he.
      "I'll make a survey of your gum," says he.
      "But before I begin my job," says he.
      "Put your hand into your fob," says he.
      "And hand me out ten bob." says he.

      "Oh, I don't mind the cost," says I.
      "Provided you make it fast," says I.
      "That it won't fall out," says I.
      "When opening and shutting my mouth," says I.

      "The devil of fear," says he.
      "You can open your mouth for me at a year," says he.
      "But be careful when eating tough maet," says he.
      "Or indulging in fiery debate," says he.
      "And in the case of peril," says he.
      "Be careful from kissing the girls," says he.

      Anyway I got the old tooth out and the new one in as I thought. Home I
      came, and I had a gurnard* for the supper. And the very first bite I ate,
      out popped my tooth on the plate. In again I went next day, vexed enough
      you may be sure. And I spoke to Doctor Shallow as follows:

      "Doctor Shallow, my jewel," says I.
      "You take me to be an ass or a fool," says I.
      "To think for the truth," says I.
      "That you gave me a genuine tooth," says I.
      "I went home last night," says I.
      "With a heart as light as a bee," says I.
      "With visions of gladness before my eyes," says I.
      "And the very first bite I ate,
      Out popped my tooth on the plate.
      Now I come in again," says I.
      "For you to fork me out my ten," says I.
      "And if you don't," says I.
      "Informations I'll swear," says I.
      "I'll take you before the Lord Mayor," says I.
      "Where you'll be committed to jail," says I.
      "And the devil of fear you'll get bail," says I.

      "You're a damned impertinent fellow," says he.
      "To think that your paltry self," says he.
      "A distinguished man like himself," says he.
      "Would stain his illustrious name," says he.
      "A name that in after times," says he.
      "Will ring through every clime," says he.
      "I made teeth galore, then more," says he.
      "And a thousand men more than a score," says he.
      "And never before was such a charge brought to my door," says he.
      "So if you wouldn't at once be off," says he.
      "I'll put you right out on your nose," says he.
      "And you can go look for the law where you chose," says he.

      "Doctor Shallow, my rogue," says I.
      "Beware the top of my brogue," says I.
      "I'll land you into your Kingdom Come," says I.
      "For the tearing you gave my gum," says I.
      "You villain, you rogue, and you scat," says I.
      "That yourself and your own teeth may rot," says I.
      "That your bones may be shredded to fine powder," says I.
      "And that every roar may be louder and louder," says I.
      "Like the roar of a burning mountain," says I.
      "That you might never have much in your larder," says I.
      "And if you ever partake of a gurnard," says I.
      "That your stomach may be sure to return it," says I.

      A pistol he drew from his pocket.
      Saying, "I'll blow you up like a rocket.
      "Show me your back at once," says he.
      "Or if you don't," says he.
      "I'll swear by all the books on my shelf," says he.
      "You pulled out the tooth yourself," says he.

      "Well," says I to myself. "There's no use in having anything to do with
      such a cod."
      Home I came scratching my pole.
      I put the tooth back into the hole.
      Says my wife to me, says she,
      "It might last till the end of your days."
      Her knowledge and skill I shall ever praise
      For the tooth is as firm as the first days.
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        I can imagine any number of aunts of mine* getting great tandem from reciting that one, being egged on by the rest as they sat in the kitchen of the old family farmhouse, each clutching a hot Powers containing the obligatory slice of lemon studded with cloves, the five of them stretching their identically stockinged feet towards the open door of the oven in the turf-burning range that was as hot as a furnace ...

        * I'd plenty of uncles too, but they tended to have less to say for themselves.
        Tis but a scratch.


          Tony Canty at victoria cross i always found very good


            Clune was good but expensive from what I remember (good few years back now). I use touchstone in blackrock hall now. Have a kind of club card reward so you build up credit which is handy
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              Another one for Clune, he's expensive, but he's excellent.
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                Late to the party here but have to give a shout out to Seamus Ryan of Shandon Dental. Top notch at what he does and a big Munster fan too. Even has it in his profile -