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When will we get sense?

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    When will we get sense?

    Fair play to Eamon Sweeney. Solid article in today's Sindo highlighting the squalid treatment of national treasure, Billy Walsh by the IABA.
    Our loss, the US's gain.
    Gwan Joe!!

    Is there not a different tale coming from those in Boxing Circles?

    That those who represent are decided by Competition not by any individual.

    Some folks have said in reply that this is the way it should be. That coaches like Brian Cody pick their teams so too should Walsh.

    This was said to be an incorrect analogy, that it is more like Walsh looking for the right to decide who plays in the All Ireland Final.

    Now I'm probably wasting my time saying this but those ARE NOT my opinions on the matter. I have none. I don't know enough about it.

    I suppose my point is that the media coverage of this has been very very one sided and at times grossly sensationalist, that there may be another side to it.

    I believe the IABA are a voluntary org and i'd be fairly sure it is made up of folks who love the sport, give to it as much as they can and want to do the best for the sport. Some in the media have gone out of their way to portray them in a terribly bad light.

    I haven't read Sweeney's article btw. have read a few others.
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