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downloading music to PSP

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    downloading music to PSP

    Recently bought a PSP for my son and my head is wrecked trying to download music on to it.Have I TUNES installed on the pc but so far at a loss at moving anything on to the PSP.

    pleeeeeeeease help.[img]smileys/mad.gif[/img]

    PM me, and I will point you to some software that does this easily enough.


      try pspware good program freeversion only allows 5 songs at a time
      syncs with itunes no probs


        how big is the memory stick in the psp?

        use a usb cable to connect the psp to a pc.

        turn on the psp & goto the settings menu & select usb connection. windows should recognise the memory stick in the psp & it will look like another hard drive in windows explorer. then drag & drop mp3 files nto the Music folder on the memory stick.

        the psp might not recognise any music downloaded via itunes.



          got PSPWARE today(full version)-no good.keeps telling me sync was successful but cant find tracks on PSP.emailed support and was informed that PSPWARE does not sync with itunes............head still wrecked

          please help[img]smileys/confused.gif[/img][img]smileys/confused.gif[/img]



            You need to make sure there is a music file on the psp if not create one on the memory card.

            I usually just create a music file on the desktop and then click and drag onto the psp music filewhen it is connected. Also make sure all the songs are mp3 format.