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Itunes is a pain in the hole

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    Itunes is a pain in the hole

    Searching for music on itunes really drives me crazy, I don't care what the editors pick is, as far as I'm concerned they can stick katy perry or taylor swift up their jacksie. I didn't want U2 (1976 harp lager musical festival losers) and when you do a search on itunes for what you want all that comes back is ****e
    Looking for:
    Talking Heads: Remain in Light album.The Name of this band is Talking Heads
    Joe Jackson: Look Sharp and Jumpin Jive.
    Shakin pyramids: skin em up.
    appreciate any directions to sites where I can download (legally of course).
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    Buy from another service and import them to your itunes library, Google Music/Amazon both download as MP3


      nice one, cheers.
      psychoanalysis is wasted on the Irish; Sigmund Freud


        7digital is another option

        Roger Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
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          Is Spotify an option in Kenya / whatever part of Africa you're in this week tc1? Much handier than downloading.
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            If it isn't, download ibvpn to you apple device. 3.99 for 3 months vpn. Merrily streaming UK and Ireland services over hotel wifi in the Emirates.

            If you're not finding stuff, it's because the label hasn't cut a rights deal with Apple. In which case I hear pirate bay is back up and running :-)
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              Google music great imo. Offline and streaming and added benefit of allowing you to upload up to 20000 tracks to your account. This is great for hard to find music you may have at home on cd or mp3 as well as you and your mates old demo tracks :)
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                Another vote for Google Music here. I got rid of itunes completely a few years back. It's a virus.

                For anyone looking to use Google Music with their mac, look up Radiant Player. Great little app which gives you the player on your desktop, compatible with the media keys and removing the need to access your music through the browser.


                  Spofity. I haven't downloaded an album in about a year.

                  They even have Big Tom and Dickie Rock!
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                      ITunes is a bloated, awkward, pain in the arse. Still hard to beat winamp for music stored locally.
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                        spent a bit of time doing a gym playlist yesterday in itunes. then went to put it on phone. couldn't see how. had to google to find out how, followed instructions, didnt work. had to turn off icloud music on phone, resync and there it was. turned back on cloud itunes music gone again. turned off itunes music, created a playlist on the phone, added music from my itunes created list to the new one. turned on icloud music, new phone created one is there now at least (itunes one gone again)

                        what an absolute pile of muck this update is. Im not an apple zealot who shouted at anyone who disagreed with my view. i have used apple for years even pre ipod, always liked it, it works for me, and if others hated it i didnt care one way or another. I even liked itunes for the most part. knowing in previous versions i could even do some customisations by editing the xml library file myself.

                        But this music app and its integration (lack of) with iTunes is another example of how jobs is missed in there. i cant imagine this would have been released if he was around. the whole mantra of apple was that you already knew how to use it. android is customizable, iphone just works. now iphone is becoming neither.

                        getting picky, take this as an example:
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                        to the right of the forward button theres three lines, i would say this is almost universally known as a menu button. but when you click it it brings you into a song list of whats playing and whats playing next (i like the idea of play next queue and add to play next etc but do it right)

                        instead the "menu" button with a few options is the three dots at the bottom right.

                        i actually think that when people get used to the 3 month trial of the streaming service they could then go to spotify or other service. for starters if you cancel your subscription it seems you lose all playlists and record of downloads. at least with spotify you still have your lists even if you decide not to pay for a while

                        (i also had to delete U2 album to get it out of my top rated playlist as it wouldnt let me remove the star rating)

                        rant over
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                          Originally posted by fitzy73 View Post
                          Jaysus they were four handsome harses in their prime!


                            I hate the new itunes app. I refuse to sign-up to any music streaming service. I won't do it. I was on spotify for a couple of weeks. Didn't take to it.

                            Am I correct in thinking that anything I have on itunes is stuck on itunes and I can't transfer the music onto any other platform?

                            I just want to listen to the music I have paid for and see it as I have always organised it. I don't have time to "make my own fcukin' radio station". If I want to listen to something on the radio, I'll tune into Clare FM or BBC radio 4.

                            Apple has made enough cash out of me without trying to bleed me dry paying for a streaming service I don't want. What's the bl#@dy point of having a device with loads of memory if you are being encouraged to stream your music as opposed to loading it up and carrying it around with you?

                            All those knob fiddlers at Apple who don't have partners, children, jobs and Munster might have time to mash-up their fav tunes and socialise the aurally redundant dribble but I don't.

                            If this was like upgrading my flight from a Sopwith Camel to an Airbus A320 fair enough, but it is not; I'm getting shunted out of a perfectly acceptable Mini Cooper into a 2CV. Yes it might be a convertible, but the gear stick is in the wrong place and I don't see why I should bother learning how to drive it when the old mini caused me no problems.


                              go to settings -> Music

                              you need to turn off either/both of "Show Apple Music" and "icloud music Library" if they are on and you should be able to manage your phone regularly and the app will remove some of the buttons you no longer need.

                              as for transferring all your music anything youve burnt from cd or imported from elsewhere can probably be moved to another platform but stuff you downloaded from itunes im not so sure (but i just played one with windows media player so maybe you can)

                              If you have taken the free trial option in the music app make sure you turn off the autorenew in your profile
                              "Some people don't know their easy lives... I wouldn't be so ungrateful" - Fiacre Ryan - #AutismAndMe