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Joe Brolly takes aim at Roy Keane and his fellow Barristers.

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    Joe Brolly takes aim at Roy Keane and his fellow Barristers.

    Back by popular demand. He's quite outspoken.


    Joe Brolly: I'd imagine Roy Keane “has all sorts of psychological issues that have never been dealt with”
    In an explosive discussion on Newstalk’s Off The Ball today, Brolly also stated:
    Keane would fail as a manager wherever he goes
    He feels sorry for Keane and believes he is now just a figure of fun
    He sees loads of people like him (Keane) 'coming through the court service all the time

    Ger Keville
    PUBLISHED 16/11/2014 | 15:34

    GAA pundit Joe Brolly has questioned Roy Keane’s mental state, claiming that he believes the Ireland assistant manager “has all sorts of deep-seated psychological issues that have never been dealt with”.

    Keane was in the news again this week following an altercation with a fan on Wednesday night in the Ireland team hotel in Portmarnock.

    Police were called to the hotel the night before the Irish team were due to fly to Glasgow for their Euro 2016 qualifier against Scotland.

    The FAI subsequently sent out a press release playing down the incident and expressing their full support for Keane.

    But, despite emphasising that he believes it was a nothing incident, Brolly has still questioned the Corkman’s state of mind.

    “It always amuses me to hear soccer players described as role models. They are nothing of the kind. Keane is just, you know he is interesting and for the media it is fantastic, it’s like having a soccer coaching Kardashian,” said Brolly.

    “I think that O’Neill enjoys him more than anything else. O’Neill has got broad shoulders and O’Neill is smart, he has got a lot of the things that Roy doesn’t have. Roy will never be a leader, he couldn’t be a military leader for example.

    “Keane brings huge interest wherever he goes but I think he will fail wherever he goes as a manager because he doesn’t have any of the emotional intelligence that is required.

    “I would imagine that he has all sorts of deep-seeded psychological issues that have never been dealt with. He seems to have an addictive personality.

    “You see barristers like this as well, that freelance world. As a soccer player, he was just a freelance soccer player, all he had to do was play soccer and he was brilliant at that of course and he burned so brightly.

    “But then he reaches the age of 35 and because he has never had to change or think about himself, he has never done that and his personality is absolutely set in stone.

    “You see barristers like that as well, they are freelance and they come to court and you hear people ‘oh here he is now this is fantastic’ and they make fortunes of money and they live in a bubble.

    “They retire at the age of 70 and they are as undeveloped in the inner life as when they were 18. I don’t think there is much in it (the hotel incident) to be honest. If you’ve got Roy Keane, it’s a bit of fun, it’s showbiz and all of that. You know people laugh at the guy, I think it’s pathetic. I must say in general I think it’s pathetic.”

    When Off The ball host Joe Molloy challenged Brolly on the issue, specifying that he does not know Keane personally, Brolly responded: “I can see what his behaviours are, his public behaviours, he reacts to confrontation: ‘well I’ll punch you in the face’.

    “His towering rages, the way be behaves, the constant craving for publicity. I mean the guy would walk over crushed glass to get to him. I see loads of people like him, loads of people like him coming through the court service all the time.

    “They get counselling, they get all sorts of help. With Roy it is different and in a way what has happened is in truth, because he was a great footballer and all of that, he has just become a figure of fun.

    “People say ‘ah that’s fantastic did you see what he did yesterday’ and everyone plays up to it and he has to act the clown when he is in press conferences etc because he is completely unreconstructed.

    “I must say I feel sorry for the fellah. Maybe that’s wrong, maybe he doesn’t feel in the slightest bit troubled, maybe it’s an act. Maybe all that volcanic stuff that stems around that is just an act.

    “But it seems to me it’s a guy with serious inner turmoil,” added Brolly.
    Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue,
    Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!

    I think Keane is a tit but brolly is an even bigger one.


      Brolly is spot on regards barristers though.


        Smart arsed know it alls.

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        Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue,
        Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!


          Sorry I lost the trail there for a bit who is seeking publicity???

          Re Keane like him or loath him the media follow him round and try everything in their power to get a soundbite. It can't be forgotten many of these journalists were at the infamous saipàn BBQ drinking with the players and regret the changes brought with Genesis. Why in all reports of yesterday's non event press conference were the journalists who were trying to get a reaction referred to by their colleagues as journo 1 and 2.

          Ever before Saipan one particular tabloid journo Rowan referred to him as his royal corkness.

          Keane isn't perfect but having personal experience of seeing him giving unheralded charity work and time to people in Cork at all times since his initial breakthrough he doesn't deserve the witch hunt the mainly Dublin based media give him. He comes from a decent private family and has never forgotten his roots.

          He most certainly isn't a tit, now Brolly.........?


            A very poor effort at having a sly dig at our learned friend.


              Originally posted by kermit
              I'd be interested to hear what Brolly's thoughts are on paediatric surgeons...
              Depends if they are black or gay i,d say.


                Brollys a gob****e. I like him though. He certainly says what he thinks. More of that le do thoill.
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                  "he way be behaves, the constant craving for publicity....he has to act the clown when he is in press conferences etc because he is completely unreconstructed"

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                  "Roy will never be a leader"


                    I'd have no doubts O Neill gave Keane full licence to have a cut the other day. It's amazing how many commentators haven't picked that up. But I suppose it's not as interesting. That's what a good number 2 does- he takes the pressure off the manager by asking the hard questions
                    I always knew Madigan was a closet Scrum Half. Ignore All things that suggest Continuity.


                      Brolly calls it as he sees it apart from when it comes to Nordieball..


                        Highlights to me again how sh!t RTE's panel (bar a few) is for GAA on a Sunday in both codes!
                        He's a guy who gets up at six o'clock in the morning regardless of what time it is.


                          Brolly would say anything for publicity but you can ignore him. I suspect he can be a mouthpiece for his boss at the mail - Liam Hayes - who is a fairly nasty piece of work IMHO.
                          When things go wrong, blame McGahan


                            This thread hasn't really worked out the way it was intended, has it JCC?
                            The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves


                              I think it's wonderful. Now please go stalk someone else!
                              Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue,
                              Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!