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    Sports Nutrition

    Hi Gang,

    I am a civil engineering graduate and currently working the field. But after arguing back and forth with myself and doing a lot of looking inward over the last two years and last few months in particular, I admit my real dream and ambition is to become a qualified sports dietician/nutritionist!

    I'm wondering if anyone out there might be able to suggest 1) The best path into the nutritional sciences frield, ideally at a graduate level and 2) Any paid work opportunities in sports nutrition or closely related field which might be accessible to someone like myself? (I'm guessing a rookie spot on the Munster backroom coaching team for the Heineken Cup games is probably a reach too far)

    I have a good grades at both the bachelors and masters level but I'm finding my big problem is I don't have any of the biochemistry/physiology/introductory nutition/biology classes which most of the Masters programs, both in Ireland and abroad, require for admission. I have been thinking an ideal scenario would be where I could take up a job in some capacity in the field of sports nutrition while taking the 5 or 6 classes I'm missing at a college or university on an individual basis.....but nowhere (UCC/UL/DIT etc etc.) seems to offer this and I would prefer not to have to go back to square one with a whole bachelor's degree again.

    If anyone has any suggestions, has been down the same road, or knows of any job opportunities I would really appreciate it!! I've been digging around online now for months and not getting very far.