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2% of drunk drivers caught early morning

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    2% of drunk drivers caught early morning

    <DIV align=left></DIV>
    <DIV align=left>It has emerged that only 2% of drink drivers are caught between 7am and 9am in the morning.

    The revelation follows much criticism of Garda checkpoints being mounted in a bid to catch people the morning after a night out.

    However, Garda figures published in this morning's Irish Independent show that out of 445 people arrested over the course of a week, only 11 were caught in the morning, and none of them were caught at the special breath checkpoints.

    Gardaí insist that the majority of these breathalysing checkpoints are carried out at high crash periods at the weekends and in the early hours of the morning.</DIV>
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    Afriend of mine was caught at 11.00 at a check point on the way from tralee to limerick. Was on the batter on a saturday night and coming back to limerick. it was a tax/insurance stop point but when they saw he worked for a drinks company he was breath tested, and failed.

    the funny thing is he can still drive until his case comes up in court (which coul take a year)!
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      Your poor buddy will lose his licence for 2 years and probably lose his jobtoo. I actually feel sorry for him. A large fine and a number of penalty points seems to be a more appropriate punishment to my mind for someone caught like this.

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        A complete waste of time,resources and Tax payers money. The Guards should be on duty over the weekends, when the considerable majority of fatal accidents occur.



          Drink a bottle of wine with your dinner and you could be off the road the next day [img]smileys/c&#111;nfused.gif[/img]while lunatics are driving around the country locked at the weekend with less check points. Is this a logical way to stop the carnage?



            The Guards could make a serious dent in drunk-driving offences if they were to adopt aggressively the incredibly unpopular tactic ofpatrolling pubcarparks of an evening. Far cheaper than havingsquad cars on theroad.

            Of course the publicans wouldn't like it as they'd scream about people drinking at home and losing business to offies.

            I wouldn't give a s**t because it'd bang home to us all in no uncertain terms that there is genuinely no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a car with drink taken.

            And so what if we all started to entertain more at home, where there are beds and sofas and floorspace aplenty for guests to crash out on if needed, as opposed to ditches, perestrians and other vehicles to crash into. What bloody harm if the way our social lives revolve around pubs started to change? About time.