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Irish Independent: Sleazy or just doing it's job?

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    Irish Independent: Sleazy or just doing it's job?

    The Irish Independent has been flogging the Irish-rugby-players-have-sex-with-a-woman story daily since the story broke. The daily updates contain no new information whatsoever, merely repeat the allegations and the fact that they are afraid to name the individuals for fear of being punished by the law.
    I was just wondering if maybe I'm wrong and this is in fact a legitimate news story which is legitimately in the public interest.
    Or whether it's just a sorry tale of consenting adults have sex and then regretting it which is essentially a private mattrer and of no public interest whatsoever - apart from voyeurism.
    Why the tale is constantly being rewarmed and retold over and over is beyond me. The byline is see attached to the sleaze mongering changes daily too which makes me wonder if the Indo hacks are afraid to put a real name to it for fear of damaging theiir own reputations - which it certainly does.
    Which also begs the question of the Indo's persistence with what is stale news being constantly rehashed.

    I have no idea who these people involved are and don't care either, we've all done things we regret and want to forget. I'm sure they are watching fora like this and other social media in the hope that someone will name the people involved so that they can use that as cover and print them.

    So what's your opinion?

    Mods feel free to disable comments.
    This is a legitimate stoiry by a reputable paper in the public interest.
    This story has no public interest defence and the Indo is just being sleazy
    It's sleazy but I want to read all about.
    Matt Williams
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    And banning in 3, 2, 1
    My computer thinks I'm gay
    What's the difference anyway
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      Why so?
      Munster – Champions of Europe 2006, 2008, 2020.


        Only the arrival of the latest addition to the Windsor family has bored me more than this story. Consenting adults have "relations". Dogs have tails. You get wet when you swim in water.

        I blame Rabo for this, if only they would finalise the fixture list, no one would be bothered about this.




            The Indo is a ****rag regardless of the relative merits/demerits of this salacious story. It's good to see that Denis O'Brien continuing the work of the O'Reillys
            The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves


              MOD COMMENT:

              As long as nobody is named or no links to the actual "news" (I use the term very lightly) stories are put up, I am ok with this thread. I will check with Oz/other mods.

              I don't know about the question in the poll alledging that the Indo is being sleazy... could be dodgy ground. Let me check.

              Am gonna close the thread temporarily and let you know what we think, thanks.

              END MOD COMMENT
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