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Ben Tune on his depression and suicide attempt

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    Thanks a million for the well wishes and pm's. It's a strange situation in that the lad had spent a lot of time in Australia and then moved to Canada almost a year ago so with being used to not seeing him around it was a little surreal. As he passed away over in Canada there was a delay in getting him home and then it happened very quickly over the weekend. As I said earlier the funeral was a sobering experience. Unfortunately I only too well know the drill having lost my own best friend a number of years ago in similar circumstances. I wouldn't have been in his inner circle of friends but I did know him well having socialised and played football with him and he only lived a few hundred yards away.

    It's a really crap situation but unfortunately there are 1000 other families who will go through this exact same thing this year.
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      Sorry to hear the very sad news GPS
      "There are a lot of points that we’ve left behind and this is with a young group. That probably tells you what they’re capable of and that they’re a very good side.

      Probably next year or the year after next they will take some stopping"

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        Only seeing this now GS. Thoughts and prayers go out to you mate.

        I think most people now know somebody who has done something similar, be it close friends, family members or acquaintances. It is a sadness that nobody should ever have to experience. Thankfully there is some outstanding work being done recently in identifying and helping people deal with depression and related illnesses. It is still an all too common conclusion though.


          Condolences GS. Father of a close friend of mine recently committed suicide. Thankfully the work being done in this area has been outstanding and people are so much more aware of how to deal with all such illnesses
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          did anyone watch the programme about OCD last night? Having first hand experience of the work Pats do in anxiety/depression/OCD it was great to see this being shown to a greater percentage of people. The more awareness of what is done to counter mental health the better.


            Graeme Fowler's interview on Test Match Special about, amongst other things his experience of depression is a brilliant, revealing and inspiring listen.

            Worth a listen.


              I wrote a bit about depression, and mental health. Which in a large part is helping me with my mental health (like really, a lot. I don't think there's been a day in the past three weeks where I haven't written.) I've been given permission to freelance if I can find the work, but finding the work is a bit difficult.