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Sky Movies To be Genre Based

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    Sky Movies To be Genre Based

    I'm not sure if it was mentioned here before, but I've just become aware recentlythat Sky Movies is to change their movie stations to genre based stations from April. They will have 24 hour pin protection allowing Cert 15 movies during the day. Schedules for April can be found here, check week 15 and beyond. it should mean less Hollywood blockbusters, and B grade American movies during the day. It sounds good.

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    UK satcaster Sky's movie service is to be repackaged into a number of genre-based channels in an effort to differentiate between the kinds of movie on offer.

    From April 4, Sky movie channels will relate to the specific film genres: comedy, family, classic, action and thriller, sci-fi and horror, drama, indie, modern greats and premieres.

    Sky claimed the new genres will offer greater flexibility in accessing content from Sky Movies, which has output deals with every major US studio.