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Dust down The Begging Bowl

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    Dust down The Begging Bowl

    <DIV =storyer ns="">
    <H1>Law preventing begging struck down</H1>@@@@SPAN =storyDate>Thursday, 15 March 2007 12:15@@@@/SPAN> </DIV>
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    The law preventing begging has been struck down by the High Court.

    A young Dublin man charged with begging on Parliament Street in the city more than three years ago challenged Section 3 of the nineteenth century Vagrant Act.

    Niall Dillon claimed the act breached his constitutional right to freedom of expression and his right to communicate. [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

    Mr Justice Eamon De Valera rejected his argument that it discriminated between rich and poor.

    But the judge found that the act provided for a prison sentence of up to three months and this was disproportionate to the offence.

    He also found that the act did interfere with the constitutional right of freedom of expression and freedom to communicate with other people.

    The legislation has been struck down and MrDillon's prosecution will not now go ahead.</rte:></DIV>

    There's a crowd of them started appearing in and around the Cruises Street area most days recently. The funny thing is they arrive by car, complete with the sheets of cardboard to sit on, and pay to park it in the Ellen St car park for the day. 4 or 5 of them at a time.


      More stew for McDowell [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]



        Romanian newspapers please copy[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]

        Funnily enough I was walking up O'Connnell St. last night and these 2 guys approached hands cupped with the "few euros" line. ffs, after this they'll be queueing up to beg, oh sorry, communicate, in the streets. This country is gettingcrazier by the day

        .....on another note just heard on radio, some Judge said he'd "blow the head off anyone who burgled his house"....Civil Liberties mob are going ape[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]...mind you he didn't say what he'd do to someone who burgled someone else's house, probably give him a suspended sentence and tell him to jump the nearest bit of skirt.




          Judge's shotgun comment 'outrageous'
          Thursday, 15 March 2007 13:05
          The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has described as 'outrageous' comments made by a district court judge.

          It is reported that Judge Sean MacBride told a sitting of Monaghan District Court this week that if he had a licenced shotgun he would blow the head off anyone who came into his house.

          Judge MacBride made the comment during the sentencing of a 26-year-old man for robbery. He had been charged with robbing cash and a bank card from a pensioner's home.

          The court was told that the robbery took place following the death of the accused's aunt, at the home of her friend.

          Judge MacBride described the robbery as mean, despicable and low.

          In an article in this week's new Monaghan Post newspaper the judge is quoted as telling the court that if he had a licenced shotgun he would blow the head off anyone who came into his house. He said: 'People have no business going into private houses.'[img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]

          Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


            Can we put him on the rape trials please?
            The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man - George Bernard Shaw



              Originally posted by SecondRowGal
              Can we put him on the rape trials please?

              ...we should have him cloned and put in every Courthouse.