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    Help on Faro ??

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    Heading to Faro on Thurs morning until Saturday night, compliments of Ryanair low fares. Nice weekend away with the wife before hitting Cardiff with the lads. Can anyone offer any advice on where to eat or to go in Faro, at this time of year. Intend driving up the coast to look at possible places for next years hols, but expect Albufeira, etc to be Ghost towns, Am I right ?

    I haven't eaten in faro.Head for a village called Alvor.Lovely spot, still a few people around.At least there was Last week.[img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]
    I distrust Camels and anybody else that go for 7 days without a drink


      Alvor is fine ok. Quiet fishing village.



        Been to Alvor on my hols before and yes its a nice place. Staying this time in FARO, so Alvor for a meal is about 60km, if I'am not mistaken. Will take a drive up there during the weekend, but anyone got a decent restaurant near Faro ?

        Really puzzled about the weather: says 80% chance of Rain and 60deg, while BBC Weather says 73deg and sunny, for Fri and Sat.



          when i lived in the westcountry it was a standing joke about the bbc weather reports. it would be raining and cold and the bbc would be saying "it will brighten up later especially around the coasts"

          what they meant was dont stay in and think about how s**t the country is whilst planning a much needed rebellion-go and spend your money and keep our tax revenues coming in as we need it the MOD are screaming for some new tanks-moreover our misinformation and propoganda department now has sway over the local weather and they want to check if you are all as gullible as you always have been

          and the upshot of the story?

          faro will be cold

          If the lessons of history teach us anything it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us.


            Don't think so MF. Was there last week.Temp 20 to 22degrees. And speaking of O'Learyair. Return flights to Faro for mid-Jan €20 in total,or were last week when I looked. Temp then is in late teens.
            The early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.



              Well if your not gone you should drive to Lagos
              i go there with my girlfriend every summer its lovely there.

              Its a easy drive up the motorway like the roads on the algarve
              are top class.




     - No1.Munster :-)