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    Comic Book Thread

    There isn't one already as far as I can see, so I thought I'd
    start this one.

    After Forbidden Planet moved from Dawson Street in Dublin
    down to the quays a good few years ago I kind of gradually
    stopped buying comics on a regular basis. I got an iPad
    last year though, and have been using the DC and Marvel
    apps, along with ComicBook Reader to catch up on a lot of
    stuff I've missed.

    James Robinsons run on Starman (DC) is simply amazing.
    The best I've ever read, surpassing my previous favourite,
    V for Vendetta

    Really liked DCs Blackest Night series, and JSA/JSA All
    Stars is really good too.

    Marvel is not doing much for me at the moment, which is
    odd, because back when I was buying a number of books
    every week I would have picked Marvel over DC

    Anyone else out there into this stuff or is this the Worst.
    Thread. Ever.

    You are really going to piss off the graphic novel fanboys.
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        the Sin City series of graphic novels are just plain awesome [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]

        Watchmen was good until the movie came along [img]smileys/sad.gif[/img]

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              Originally posted by beano66
              Get a girlfriend.
              Larry tries very hard
              The Source for this post is The Internet
              I don't know Jeff!
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              Munster Squad Tracker 2010/2011


                anybody else see the irony of a guy called 'beano'66 coming onto a thread about comics giving abuse[img]smileys/cool.gif[/img]
                "They think they know us, but they haven't a clue"


                  Had a bit of a marathon last year catching up with about a decade of
                  batman comics and related titles and tie ins. Got an app called comic
                  zeal for the iPhone. Excellent app. You get a converter for pc that
                  downsized them and you can zoom and swipe pages etc if you don't
                  mind small screen.

                  52 was an interesting idea but I thought the countdown series
                  had some good stories the piper/trickster thread in particular from
                  what I remember

                  Taking a break currently but heading into blackest knight soon when I
                  have time

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                    i got into 2000ad circa 1982 around the same time 'chariots of fire' was released. so now when i hear the vangelis tune, it reminds me of picking up the comic every saturday in the newspaper shop in the sarsfield st dunnes stores (where harrys used to be).

                    i sold or lost my collection of comics and annuals but started to buy them again when 'forbidden planet' moved first into roches st and then on patrick st around the mid '90s.

                    i picked up the first three editions of 'starlord' some years ago. absulute mint condition as they were kept in acid free bags. theyre wortha fortune now...


                      Best comic I've read lately was The Walking Dead. The
                      comic the new TV show is based on. I stopped on issue 75
                      to let a good run build up for myself.

                      I'm not typically a fan of zombie stuff, but this is great. The
                      comic is all black and white, but the art is decent. The one
                      thing to be said about it is that it pulls no punches
                      whatsoever. Some absolutely brutal parts of it, and it's
                      unrelenting in it's horror (human horror, not scary horror.)
                      The best part **spoilers** is the development of his son.
                      What happens to a kid who grows up with zombies all
                      around him and his family struggling for survival with
                      friends all around him dying.**spoilers**

                      It's available for iPhone (and I presume iPad) so you're
                      sorted there. And from what I remember at Christmas
                      Waterstones were carrying a few of the big collections of
                      the individual comics, so you should be able to get it
                      outside of Dublin. Great read.
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                        ahh takes me back- the ballad of Halo Jones
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                          Rogue Trooper, must see what I can download of them loved it as a kid.

                          Funnily enough my wife ran out of reading material recently and picked up the The Dark Night Returns from my bedside locker. She has now read it twice and is a huge fan!
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                            my favourites were the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, had the whole series when I lived in the UK and then loaned them to guy (so called mate), who sold them.
                            As a kid it was Victor, Warlord, Hotspur and the commando books. then judge dread came along and was f**ked up by Sly in the movie, could never read them again.
                            though the zombie ones sound good, I love a good Zombie movie.
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                              Big comic book and graphic novel fan....

                              The Sandman by Neil Gaiman is probably the greatest thing I have ever read, and i include books there... He created a mythos that had incredible depth... and i advise people to check it out... By the third story arc it had won every award available....

                              Gaiman also did a Marvel superhero Graphuc novel... information here...

                              After that, you can't beat Batman....

                              He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.