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    a gig not to be missed folks, have been to see her and whata great nights entertainment. great music and great craic fromIreland's Blues Diva herself.

    Upstairs at 8p.m and tickets are great value at only 17 euros.

    Go and enjoy[img]smileys/razz.gif[/img]

    The Sunday Indo. gave out a free Mary Coughlan CD. in a recent edition, most boring CD I ever listened to.


      Slit your wrists time !



        Mary Stokes, now that would be another matter, great singer and great band.

        Or Sharon Shannon's Big Band, but Mary Coughlan, no thanks.


          I was managing a venue many years ago and had to ask her to leave after the gig as she was totally obnoxious."Do you not know who I am" type of thing interspersed with a good dollop of foul language.I believe she has improved since she gave up the grog.
          I distrust Camels and anybody else that go for 7 days without a drink



            Well Dawn run, you hardly expect to get quality if you buy the Sunday Independent. Quality and that paper hardly go hand in hand.

            You more than likely by your comments have never been to a Mary Coughlan gig, so dont knock it till you try it, a free crappy cd from the Sindo is hardly a great guage.

            As for the comments from car54, it is hardly fair to drag up someones behaviour at a time when the woman would have admitted publicly she was an alcoholic.The woman is off the gargle yearsso its a bit Irish to dragging up an incident that happened years ago.

            Anyway its only a recommendation that Im Making, people will make up their own mind if they go along to the concert.[img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]


              RHC, I agree with you on the quality of the Sindo, unfortunately it was Mary C on the CD and it was sleep inducing.



                Absolutely outstanding voice.

                was at a gig of hers 20yrs ago when she was on the booze. She locked herself in a loo and no way would she come out. Gig started 2 hrs late but what a voice!!

                Dont miss it.
                Anybody who sees a psychiatrist would want their head examined.*&nb sp;Henry Ford



                  Have to echo Corner Boy and RHC's comments. Always a good gig. Apart from the singing there are the accompanying anecdotes from her experiences playing gigs and how certain songscame into being.

                  Her best songs for me are The Ice Cream Man and Delaney's Gone Back On The Wine.

                  A good way to spend an evening whether you have seen her or not.

                  Life is all about Ass - covering it, kissing it, kicking it and trying to get it



                    Anyway it's better than listening to the wails of that banshee Sinead O'Connor.

                    At least Mary know's what she is and what she isn't. When has she ever said she was a gay, husband stealing, baby dropping, priest, in/out of retirement? Funny how Sinead always happens to have an album or an issue coming out around the same time as she gets controversial. A mate of mine in the biz told me that Sinead will never do an interview with a publication unless they guarantee to put it on the front page/cover.

                    It's Friday, i'm bored so decided to create a bit debate [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

                    Life is all about Ass - covering it, kissing it, kicking it and trying to get it



                      Heard her a good few years ago and she was brilliant (both voice and presence). Have since heard of a few unsavoury incidents (as per car54's story), believed to drink an/or drug induced. I've seen that in other artistes too (incl. Christy).

                      As she's now on the wagon, I'd reckon it's worth going. I might even try to get there meself.