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Your Favourite World Cities

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    Your Favourite World Cities

    I'm stealing this topic from another forum. It doesn't matter whether you've lived in the cities or just visited them.

    Personally, in no particular order;

    Buenos Aires (one person's financial crisis is another person's cheap holiday!). Wonderful nightlife and the locals are super particularly if you try a spattering of Spanish.

    Amsterdam, not so much for the seediness nor the narcotics, but it's a genuinely beautiful city with a great vibe.

    Rome, I love juststrolling around the city.

    Istanbul, one of the last places in Europe where you can still be culture shocked.

    Dublin; yeah I know, but I love the place!

    Any takers?

    I loke Tokyo!

    I was there for 6 month a good dozen of years ago. A fantastic town that has the best of both tradition and modernity.

    The equivalent of the pub there the "nomia" is a fantastic lively place were the japanese grab a beer after work while eating together a variety of delicious snacks (eel, kobe beef, etc.).

    Also Yoyogi park on Sundays is filled with hundreds of rock bands playing live in the middle of the streets,on the lawns, etc.

    The temple area is mind blowing:

    I could go on and on about this city, it is a fantastic place to go to!


      Douglas City.
      Frank the Tank is not coming back. OK? That part of me is over, water under the bridge.



        San Francisco.

        Spectacular views, great food, Californian women, open minded people, chance of an earthquake,compact, access to a variety of things to do, reasonable weather,no language barriers,


          I do like Amsterdam a lot, it really is a beautiful city and the Dutch are very nice. Chicago is another favorite of mine, i got to spend time there a few years back and loved the place.


            Have to say, Glasgow
            Is minic a bhris béal duine a shróin


              1. <LI>Rome. No question. Pure Class</LI>
                <LI>Kuala Lumpur - So many different cultures and great food</LI>
                <LI>Singapore - as above</LI>
                <LI>Stockholm - pricey but classy and fun</LI>

              Tokyo is fun alright Ozoyo, but getting around is a pain in the butt. Ditto Seoul.



                Helsinki, Rome and Sydney. Anyone can afford a lifestyle in Sydney. Old couch out the front, a slab of VBs, couple steaks. Head off for a swim down any one of the beaches. Hmmmm can you feel the warm sand between you toes?


                  The snad has me absolutely sh*gged!



                    Originally posted by Dawn Run
                    The snad has me absolutely sh*gged!


                      London - so much choice.

                      Sydney - feels safe and a good lifestyle.

                      NYC - what a buzz. Attitudes improved since 9/11.

                      Singapore - clean and efficient. Brutal humidity.

                      Miami - cool beyond words.

                      New Orleans - before Catriona - The town that care forgot. Exciting and sexy. Dangerous in spots too.

                      San Diego - Best climate in the whole world.

                      Limerick and Cork - weather sucks but the rugby is good.








                          Tel Aviv

                          Berlin - before the wall fell

                          Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale


                            Should have mentioned Reykjavik obviously[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]


                              Oh actually, Jerusalem is an amazing amazing place, cant believe i forgot there. Does Petra count[img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]