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National Work Life Balance Day - today

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    National Work Life Balance Day - today


    Balancing work and home life 'boosts performance'

    Company bosses are taking steps to help talented and motivated staff balance their work and non-working lives, it was claimed today.

    IBEC, the business and employer group, said employers are recognising that long commutes, caring responsibilities and lack of personal time can interfere with employees’ ability to perform.

    Promoting national Work Life Balance Day, which takes place today, the organisation said recruiting and retaining the best staff is a business challenge made easier by the introduction of work-life balance policies.

    “Competition is intense for talented and motivated employees and with that in mind, many employers are taking innovative steps to help staff balance their work and non-working lives,” says Tony Donohoe, IBEC’s director of social and education policy.

    “Employers who offer flexibility to staff find that they attract applications from a wider and more diverse pool of talent. The people they recruit are better motivated, contribute to the full extent of their ability and remain with their employer for longer periods of time.”

    IBEC has produced a manual for bosses to guide them through the practical application of work-life balance programmes outlining a range of flexible working arrangements including job-sharing, flexi-time, career breaks, e-working and employee assistance programmes.

    Recent IBEC research suggests that over 80% of employers are offering some level of flexibility to their workers, showing they do take the issue seriously.

    Figures also reveal that employers offering teleworking as an option has doubled between 2004 and 2006, enabling employees to work from home for at least one or two days a week.

    Recruitment website also pledged its support for Work Life Balance Day.

    “Work life balance is important for all workers and requires a change in culture that will come about as more and more people put mobile and flexible working arrangements into practice,” said Valerie Sorohan, marketing manager.

    “More and more employers are seeing the benefits of work life practices in relation to retention of employees and staff loyalty.

    “Every sector must open up to the idea that performance is not directly related to sitting at a desk 9 to 5. Good management, seamless team working practices and strong internal communications will all ensure the success of job sharing, mobile working, part-time etc.

    “For many workers, work-life balance is not a realistic option for financial reasons and of course there are many issues to be addressed to open up opportunities for all workers, whatever their economic situation.”

    Minister for Labour Affairs Tony Killeen will formally mark Work Life Balance Day by addressing the national framework committee for work life balance policies, representatives of public and private sector employees.

    The event will feature new initiatives from the committee including most the recent experience on perceptions of work-life balance across the EU, and the latest findings from the UK on employee, employer and government perspectives on work-life balance.
    Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale

    [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img] Have been at work today for over 13 hours and counting, lunch and dinner at desk. Must move back to the auld sod to take advantage of these wondrous "days"