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    Somebody please explain this to me please

    Gift Grub have also made skits that have lampooned WWE on several occasions. One memorable sketch poked fun at the obsessed fan storyline between Mickie James and Trish Stratus in the lead up to Wrestlemania 22 as well as poking fun at Mick McCarthy who at around the same time was sacked by Sunderland. The song featured was a parody of Stan by Eminem and had Mickie writing letters to Trish, each becoming more obsessive over her and also included cheap jibes at Mick and Sunderland's current lack of points and inevitable relegation from the Premiership. The skit ended with Mickie claiming she wants to make Trish's life a nightmare since she did not reply to her and humourously jumps off a cliff

    from the gift grub page on wikipedia

    If it's in wikipedia, the odds are someone went in there are
    'humourously' changed the entry. Wiki can be very unreliable
    sometimes. Apparently Microsoft have offered money to some bloggers
    to go in and change some entries on open-source software so that they
    are written about in a more positive light.