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Ryanair and green tax

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    Ryanair and green tax

    Booked my flight long before Christmas for this weekend.

    Anyone know whether Ryanair automatically charge my card (Debit Card) for Gordon's super green tax or do I have to pay seperately? Can find info on their site
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    Afaik, its at the checkin desk that the new green tax is collected.


      Better check before you set off for the airport thisyear, I thought Ryanair was the airline taking it direct from the credit card you used to buy the ticket and if you haven't paid before checkin, they won't let you fly!

      Wouldn't surprise me if they charged the "credit card handling fee" a second time, either, but that may just be my natural cynicism!

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        so if i fly to london and back say in march i have to pay a tax at checkin in london on top of the ticket price i pay on the screen today?
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