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    is it worth watching s2 to get to it? i was quite happy with s1 as a standalone series if it had been left there so never go to s2
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      The obsession on RTÉ with getting a pun or similar play on words into news reports crossed the line tonight IMO.

      At the end of a recorded report on the missing young Lady in Malaysia, the reporter said "as the sun goes down......the family are still in the dark on what happened to their daughter."

      It's one thing trying that in a lighthearted report but I think this was in very poor taste.

      The report was first aired on the 6:01 News and was repeated at nine.


        Yep. There's a fine line and that was too flippant You can see them in the canteen fulminating about their expertise re Malaysian hotel cuisine and raiding the hotel room bar. "Did yiz hear dat wan I slipped in about the sun going down and youzer wans still in the dark? I did it with me innocent face loilke I knew nothing. Oh yah, Oil be getting a call from Sky news any day"


          Ertugrul..series 5

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            Anyone else watch Mercenary, French movie on Netflix about the beloved sport that is rugby.
            Well worth a goo
            Gwan Joe!!


              The BBC Documentary by Mandy McAuley Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History has been excellent TV if still so disturbing - even 20-30 years after the events

              The operatives of MilitaryIntelligence (FRU) and Security Service Mi5 to thwart investigations (ie Stevens etc) into collusion make many fictional deep state dramas look amateurish

              The level DUP were in bed with armed militants has also been forgotten or not as well understood.
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