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mini disc to mp3 or wav format

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    mini disc to mp3 or wav format

    years ago a mate of mine who used to be a dj did up some great dance mixes and put them onto mini discs for me. Now i am looking to put them onto my mp3 player. Just wondering if this is possible.


    can ya not hook the mp3to the pc/ laptop?
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      This worked for a query I had mp;KW=iPod

      Originally posted by fitzy73

      You need to convert them to mp3 files before you move them across.

      Download Format Factory - - it'll convert .ogg files to mp3. IN fact, it'll convert just about any format to any other format, and best of all it's free.


        This was covered in detail before and having spent 10 minutes looking I can't find it but if you want any help pm me and I'll give you a full breakdown of how it's done.
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