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George Lee shaking/waking things up

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    George Lee shaking/waking things up

    Off to a good start

    But George everybody falls asleep listening to you.[img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]
    The early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.


    He's right though. Those boys spend most of their day in the canteen and get a call when they're expected in. Heard him on D'Arcy last week and he says it straight out that he's there to shake them up and isn't it about time somebody did. Can't argue there. He's being clever of course and riding on the back of public sentiment.
    Stewie: We\'re playing house...
    Lois: But that kid is all tied up!
    Stewie: Roman Polanski\'s house.


      Aye as a kid was brought into the viewing gallery when you could just walk in off the street before The Terrorists took over the planet. Yeah it was much the same as my memory of Dublin Zoo with lazy overfed animals dozing off yawning occasionally.

      Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don\'t think that I can take it,
      cos it took so long to bake it and I\'ll never have that recipe again, oh no!
      -Richard Harris, McArthur Park