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Robert Pickton charged with 26 Murders

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    Robert Pickton charged with 26 Murders
    <H1 =line>'I got sloppy,' Pickton says in video at murder trial</H1>
    <H3 =deck>This story includes disturbing details</H3>
    <H4 =lastupdated>Last Updated: Thursday, January 25, 2007 | 3:04 PM PT </H4>

    Robert William Pickton, on trial in the slayings of six B.C. women, told police he had "one more planned" but "got sloppy" when it came to cleaning up blood.

    Pickton, who is on trial on six first-degree murder charges, made the statement during part of a videotaped police interview that was heard by the jurors Thursday in the court in New Westminister, B.C.

    The jurors, who were hearing segments of the tape for a third day, also heard Pickton appear to hint that other people were involved. He complained: "You're making me more of a mass killer than I am."

    "I had one more planned, but that was the very end of it, that was the last of it … but that is where I got sloppy, just the last one," Pickton said in the videotaped interview, conducted the day after his arrest in February 2002.

    Insp. Don Adam, who was heading the RCMP investigation and had taken over in the interrogation, then asked Pickton: "How many?"

    "I'd say two, maybe three," Pickton replied.

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    Pickton, 57, is currently on trial in the deaths of Sereena Abotsway, Mona Wilson, Andrea Joesbury, Marnie Frey, Georgina Papin and Brenda Wolfe, who all disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

    The pig farmer from Port Coquitlam in B.C.'s Lower Mainland also faces another 20 charges of first-degree murder. The current judge split the case into two trials to ease the burden on the jury.

    'I'm not the only guy,' Pickton tells police
    As Adam took over the interrogation, he told Pickton all his friends were turning on him.

    He said even Pickton's brother Dave had told police "that there are bodies, and that you didn't kill them all … that Dinah has killed some of these girls and that, for some of them, you've just helped get rid of the bodies."

    Pickton told investigators he wouldn't say anything about Dinah Taylor, a close friend of his, until he talked to her.

    Adam told Pickton that police have linked him to more of the women who had gone missing from the Downtown Eastside and were the subject of a interagency investigation.

    "We can associate you to 12 already, and we have just started," said Adam.

    Pickton replied: "I'm not the only guy."

    Then he added: "You're making me more of a mass killer than I am."

    'I'll finally admit to everything if you pull the fences down'
    At that point, Pickton's whole demeanour changed and he appeared to take control of the interview, telling police to get off his family's farm.

    "I'll finally admit to everything if you pull the fences down," he said.

    An hour later Pickton said:

    "There's other people.… The problem is way over your head and I, like I said, I'm not gonna, I'll take the fall for everything, but the problem is I'm the head honcho and you got me now."

    But Pickton refused to name names and taunted the officers, saying he would leave them in suspense about how the women were killed and who might have helped.

    Police begged him to tell them what he knew.

    "What about the families of these people, the families of these girls?" Adam asked.

    "That is not my problem.… S-t happens," Pickton replied.

    Witness alleged Pickton fed victims to pigs: police
    Earlier, the jury heard RCMP Staff Sgt. Bill Fordy tell Pickton that police had a witness, who claimed Pickton told him about killing prostitutes.

    "It's interesting that this guy is calling in to say that after you killed them, you fed them to the pigs," said the RCMP interviewer.

    But Pickton denied it.

    Fordy continued: "If it looks

    Disturbing is right, chilling story. Imaging being a juror on that trial.
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