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    On your chips? Weirdo.[img]smileys/razz.gif[/img]
    Tis but a scratch.



      Originally posted by mr chips
      On your chips? Weirdo.[img]smileys/razz.gif[/img]

      On my Taytos! Referring to an earlier title bestowed on you.

      On my chips: anrud céanna. [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]
      Free Palestine.

      Champions aren\'t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.
      Muhammad Ali


        Just got home from running an event in Ballycastle to launch a report into local community attitudes to the Irish language. Considering the historic misconceptions about the language here in Ian Paisley's constituency ("Irish language = republican"), I have to admit to a sense of satisfaction that we got the Ulster Unionist mayor to do the formal launch, and one of the guests was the local PSNI inspector, who is now enquiring about language training for some of his officers.
        Tis but a scratch.



          Fair play to you An Tusual prati scealloga.....

          Or Mr Tayto to ... [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]

          Still remember the smell/tasete of Murphy's burnt spuds...

          (will never forget the day a box of 'em sparked a full-scale anti-terrorist response at Fiumicino.... [img]smileys/redface.gif[/img] )

          (maybe I spent too long outside these fair shores...)


            A few months ago, I decided to take a look at how Gaeilge works... Was for me a good worship for my neurones, better than crossword puzzles or sudoku, and anyway more interresting...
            A thiarcais! Maybe the hardest thing I have learnt for decades... And instead of using my neurones, I have the feeling I lose them faster. Ok, french preople are not exactly known for their habilities in foreign languages, my english is crap, my german so lala, but in that case...
            I use a book with cds a perfid friend of mine gave me for Christmas ( ) and the site I find fantastic and very usefull. I began with duolingo. But that's terrible. Every time I think I understand something (grammar rule, word, expression, declension or something else) a further research shows me something else and I have the feeling to make a step backwards. I watch oft music and sport programmes on TG4... I can't follow the logic, the rythm and the music of what is said. And I do not even write about how you all in the different regions pronounce the words... I tried to dissect the presentation of the QFs on the Pro14 site, I did not even found the verb in the first sentence!
            Anyway, since I had to study thermodynamic in my youth, and you can trust me, I pitifully failed I never found such a thing like Gaeilge. Some say we have to suffer to reach our goals, no pain, no gain... . Ní thaightear saill gan saothrú... Gaeilge is for me some intellectual Everest, and trying to climb it really hurts me, my pride and my self-esteem!
            "To be energetic and self-sufficing is to be happy; but while one desire remains in the heart happiness may not come there. For to desire is to be incomplete: it is the badge of dependence, the signal of unhappiness, and to be freed from that is to be freed from every fetter that can possibly be forged." (James Stephens, Deirdre)