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    Greedy kiwis ??

    <H1>News Story</H1>
    <!- *** C&#079;NTENT AREA STARTS HERE *** ->@@@@SPAN =subtitle_blue>All Blacks fees at charity dinner not on says Meads@@@@/SPAN>
    @@@@SPAN =text_bold>11 Dec 2006

    @@@@/SPAN>@@@@SPAN =text>A group of All Blacks made a poor decision to pocket appearance fees at a London fundraiser for New Zealanders paralysed from playing rugby, rugby great Colin Meads says.

    Half the proceeds from the fundraising event, held during the All Blacks' European tour last month, was for the New Zealand Rugby Foundation (NZRF) charity which provides financial aid for badly injured former players.

    The six All Blacks accepted an appearance fee from the event organisers thought to have been several hundred pounds each for the dinner which was attended by about 450 people, the New Zealand Herald reported yesterday.

    "They should not have accepted any money for being at the event.

    "It should have been donated to the cause. That is what is expected of the All Blacks," Meads told the Herald.

    Former All Black Grahame Thorne, whose son David was left partially paralysed and unable to speak after a head-high tackle in a rugby match earlier this year, said the least these highly paid players could have done was turn up for nothing.

    All Black manager Darren Shand would not reveal the names of the six players or say exactly how much they received.

    There had been a communication breakdown between the All Blacks and the event organisers, and the appearance fee was a "one-off thing for an awkward set of circumstances", Shand said.

    It was basically offered as compensation to the players because of the last-minute demands on their time.

    Thorne said any one of the current All Blacks could easily end up in the same situation as his son.

    "It's only one night, it's for a good cause and it's great for public relations. They didn't need to be paid," Thorne said.

    The event was organised by England's National Sporting Club with Stg12,000 (NZ$34,000) going to the NZ Rugby Foundation and Wooden Spoon, a UK group that supports mentally and physically disadvantaged children.

    The foundation, set up by the late Kel Tremain in the 1970s, currently assists 87 former players badly injured playing rugby.

    Foundation head Rocky Patterson said it was just a fact of life that rugby was now a professional sport "and it is very difficult to get anyone to do something for free these days".


    Doesn't make for pleasent reading.
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      Saw that on PR last night was a bit dissapointed to say the least.[img]smileys/mad.gif[/img]surely some common sense from the NZRFUwould have avoided all that.
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        While it's a shame - the article states that half the money goes to injured former players - where did the rest go to? Obviously, the six weren't the only ones who were paid for their time.
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          Understood from the above the other half went to the wooden spoon charity?
          Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale