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    Hong Kong 7’s


    Planning a trip back home for a couple weeks around the end of march, would like to break the journey one way and am thinking bout a few days in hong kong while the 7's are on. anyone ever been?? would it be worth it?


    Hi K794,

    Spent a year out there before the handover in '97. Some info I have might be out of date but most should still be good. What kind of"stay" are you thinking of? Is it you and the missus or your mates? Some of the info may, ahem..., be unwelcome if your taking your missus! [img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]
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      Hi Sailor,

      I'd say it'd just be myself, just heading back home from oz for a 3 week holiday and would like to break the trip on the way home. so all "special interest" advice would be welcome[img]smileys/surprised.gif[/img]



        That's great K794.

        HK is a fantastic place. Had a ball whenI was there and if I was given a choice of anywhere to go in the world it would be there.

        Right ,HK is divided into two areas, the Island and the New Territories (also called Kowloon). The Island is the best part for night life whereas Kowloon is better for shopping, gambling(horses) and the unusual. The HK 7's will be on the Kowloon side.

        you'll have to forgive me if some of the info is out of date, been a while.

        Nightlife - I'll PM you the mucky stuff (this is a familyforum![img]smileys/redface.gif[/img])

        There are four areas.

        Lan Kwai Fong the most popular, full of tourists, better off avoiding in my view. You get pissed- your liable to fall down the hill or get run over by a red cab! (sanitised.)

        Wanchai is the shady part of HK. My favorite, yum! Think Suzy Wongs and your not far off and has everything you want. LKF and Causeway Bay are also within walking distance. There is a Suzy Wongs but its a tourist trap. places to go were Carnegies bar and delaneys bar. great place to watch the Rugby 7's, loads of tvs to watch the sport and plaenty of eye candy. Ricks Cafe was the club to go in my time. I dunno if its still standing. lots of "ladies of the night" frequent there and if you can't score well.... Lots of Go-Go bars in Wanchai but ther expensive. go in for a look but DON'T buy a drink for the girls, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Big Apple was the club when i was there closes at 6. Target rich enviroment with the easiest girls going. Mostle Korean but there were some Thai and Philipinas starting to turn by the time I left. Ah the memories!

        Causeway Bay, never really went there full of rich expat w**kers remembering the Empire. worth a look if your into that thing. tell them your a squaddie and they'll pour drink into you all night!

        Kowloon/ new territories. Place to go to is Tsimshatsui (everyone knows it as TST) on Ashley Road. Ask any red cab they'll know straight away. Plenty of bars, Red Lion, British Bulldog, Ned Kellys, Bottoms Up ( was in a James Bond film) pm you why! Lots of atmosphere plenty of talent but you have to work for it. Not as busy or as popular as the Island. Fior something unusual go to Felix, top of Peninsula Hotel, When you take a piss you look across Kowloon and Victoria Bay. Well Worth it! (I take my pleasure where i find it!

        Shopping - Bootleg/pirate whatever Golden Dragon Plaza. You name it software/hardware/copies fakes you'll get it there. On the Kowloon side.

        Sunday afternoons after 1500hrs all the bars, are buzzing like being out on a sat night. Traditional like afternoon tea. well worth it. Still a tradition there!

        PM you with the good stuff later! [img]smileys/thumb-up.gif[/img]
        To see the light one must first realise it is dark