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Axe summer tours during world cup year

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    Axe summer tours during world cup year

    From the Irish Examiner

    Andrew calls into question future of summer tours

    By Alex Lowe
    ROB ANDREW called into question the future of summer tours in the year of a World Cup after England yesterday named a squad missing a staggering 41 players for the two-Test trip to South Africa.

    The issue of Test matches being devalued by weakened teams has been on the IRB’s agenda since at least last year and it will be discussed again at today’s executive committee meeting in Dublin.

    The problem is more acute this year because of the World Cup taking place in September, which squeezes the end of this season and the start of next.

    Wales and Ireland have named shadow squads for their tours of Australia and Argentina respectively to ensure key first-choice players can prepare properly for the World Cup.

    England are further affected by the loss of all players from Leicester, Wasps and Bath who are in action in European finals a weekend before the first Test in Bloemfontein on May 26.

    Andrew, the Rugby Football Union’s elite director of rugby, said: “We have been pretty unfortunate in one sense that three teams have got into two European finals on the weekend before the tour goes.

    “The IRB are looking at this window in a pre-World Cup year and whether there should be any touring from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was addressed moving forward.’’

    An IRB spokesman admitted: “It is something we are looking to resolve. It is the subject of on-going discussions and it will be discussed again tomorrow.”

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    Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale

    They have already said there wont be any in 2011, bit of a non story really.


      Did not hear that, do you have a link epaddy?
      Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale



        Originally posted by McCloud
        Did not hear that, do you have a link epaddy?
        Eh no, but im not making it up. It was during he whole HEC debate thing and there are thousnads of pages on it so im not going looking.


          The TV rights are signed to 2010 and every indication is that they won't be renewed in the same way for 2011. Sunday Times had a bit on it at the weekend.
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            Didn't think you were making it up. Was just interested in what was said.
            Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale



    ,...836-23217,00.h tml

              ARU faces $4m Test shortfall
              <DIV id=lead-wrap><!- author ->
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              <DD>By Jon Geddes and Peter Jenkins
              <!-str&#111;ng>Former Australian Captain</str&#111;ng -><CITE>May 03, 2007</CITE> </DD></DL><!- // author -></DIV><!- // lead story -><!- story ->
              <DIV id=story>

              THE Australian Rugby Union faces a staggering loss of $4 million on their two Tests at Telstra Stadium this year as crowd estimates plummet.

              The Daily Telegraph has been told by informed sources that the Wales Test on May 26, which was expected to draw 60,000 spectators, now could have a crowd of only 30,000.

              That is despite an ARU spokesman saying yesterday the way ticket sales are tracking, they are expecting 50,000 fans at Telstra Stadium.

              The Welsh have dudded the ARU and local rugby fans by leaving 18 top-line players at home to attend a World Cup training camp.

              And while original estimates for Test with South Africa on July 7 were for an 80,000 crowd, indications are that it is more likely to be 50,000.

              Those figures would mean a total drop in crowds of 60,000.

              The Daily Telegraph has been told the most conservative estimate is that every drop of 10,000 from the crowd costs $500,000 in gate receipts.

              That would mean a minimum loss of $3 million.

              On top of that, on current estimates the corporate hospitality revenue for the two Tests could drop by at least $1 million.

              The source warned that the crowd for the Wales Test would be a "disaster" if Wallabies coach John Connolly does not pick a strong side.

              "If he uses this game as a trial, four months out from the World Cup, then he will kill the whole thing," the insider said.

              "The rugby fans aren't stupid. If they don't treat it as a proper World Cup build-up and a game where you start getting your act together and smashing opponents you are going to play, then really the word 'Test' is starting to look a little bit meaningless."

              A week later Wales play its second Test at Suncorp Stadium, which is expected to attract 40,000 spectators.

              The Wallabies' other home Tests are against Fiji on June 9 in Perth and New Zealand on June 30 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

              Sydney fans are still smarting about again missing out on a Bledisloe Cup game, with the one-off match this season being staged in Melbourne.

              In the wake of the controversy surrounding the Welsh team, now England coach Brian Ashton has cobbled together what has been described as a third-string side to play two Tests in South Africa.

              Selectors have recalled prop Kevin Yates, 34, who played his last Test a decade ago against Argentina, when he was suspended for six months for an ear-biting incident.

              Hooker Mark Regan has also been brought out of mothballs, three years after his international retirement.

              And in what seems like an Irish joke, their national coach Eddie O'Sullivan will leave his entire first-choice Test side at home for the two-Test tour of Argentina.

              The interesting selection is former NRL winger Brian Carney who started playing for Munster in March</DIV>