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    Virgin Media TV Sports News have said that World Rugby has announced that its plans for a Nations Cup are no more.

    No details were given, just the bare announcement.

    From the World Rugby Site:

    "World Rugby can confirm that that it has taken the reluctant decision to discontinue plans for the Nations Championship after the required unanimous agreement by unions to enter into exclusive negotiations was not achieved by Wednesday’s deadline."
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      Agustin Basso
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      Pichot y el Ránking de World Rugby: "Está mal hecho. No tiene ningún orden, es todo matemático y te diría que es casi una cuestión de marketing. Quedó demostrado cuando Gales no le ganó nunca a Nueva Zelanda en la historia y ahora aparece primera. ¡Es ridículo! Lo voy a cambiar"

      Augustin Pichot is after tweeting, saying that is that the ranking system is badly done, it doesn´t have an order. its just mathematics and he would say that it is a question of marketing...Demonstrated by Wales, having never beaten New Zealand in our lifetime, is now no1. He is going to change the system.
      He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.


        Of course "it's mathematics". Every ranking system in every sport in the world is mathematics.

        EDIT: Apart from some sort of Ladder system.


        He's never going to suggest adopting the Raeburn Shield, is he?
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          Originally posted by Piquet View Post
          Of course "it's mathematics". Every ranking system in every sport in the world is mathematics.
          Perhaps he is angling for an alphabetical ranking system.


            Meh. If Argentina were benefitting of this system he would have no complaints I believe.
            Good things happen to those who wait, though mostly much too late.