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    Originally posted by redherring View Post
    I would introduce the BP system. I would also move the tournament forward two weeks. Drier and warmer conditions will improve the standard of rugby.
    Yeah Red,
    That maybe a really good idea actually, start the 6Ns around mid to3rd week in Feb instead. Better conditions, Warner air temps and less soft tissue injuries not to mention nicer conditions for the supporters to watch the games live. if that could be agreed with the various club's &leagues that could be a winner imho.
    Munster were great when they were Munster.

    alas they are just north munster now.......


      Originally posted by Daithi View Post
      Nope Sewa, I thought the tournament as a whole was very flat, the adjudicating poor, the sanctioning worse, with player welfare high on everybody who cares agenda, and my post reflects concerns around those issues and looks for some constructive suggestions to maybe mproving it. Sorry for your old gripes all the same, it must be terrible.
      Your position is very clear, there is no reason to repeat it
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      What's the difference anyway
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        I don't think it was a poor tournament on the whole, certainly no worse than last years on the year before. The main difference was the Championship had already been won by the final round and thus the two early games on the Saturday were mere formalities until it was left to England to claim their first slam in however long. Italy and Ireland were poorer than in previous years, the Scots improved and the Welsh/French somewhere at the level they've normally been in the last couple of seasons.

        I think Ireland's non-performance's, failure to bring in youth across all five games not to mention three fairly turgid performance's in the opening three games is the not-so-small elephant in the room. The continuance of a Payne/Henshaw midfield, Bobert's seeming undropability except for injury, the over-reliance on ruck resourcing as well as a regression in our set-piece mauls (except against Scotland) and a reduced accuracy/efficiency at ruck time minus a good few important carriers meant that Joe-Ball 1.0 was always going to struggle and he failed to adapt.

        It was, IMO, his inability to adapt in the aftermath of the RWC really cost us a crack at the 6N. His blind faith in some seriously underperforming players and lack of trust in younger form players was also pretty unforgiveable. He glossed over a really sh1t 6N with a trouncing of the worst Italian side in years and an improving but still limited Scottish side. For all the Dorse/Drico talk during the Scotland game about evolution and improvement I think that's shyte personally. I don't think Joe has it in him to clear the decks, with some quarters already talking about a 'historic chance' to defeat an AB side shorn of Carter, McCaw, Nonu, Smith, Sonny-Bill, etc etc will play into his conservative hands.

        South Africa will be about reintegrating the Bowe's, O'Briens and Henderson's. It will be about getting our ruck resourcing back to past levels. It will be about continuing to pick shyte players on the bench because they cover more positions regardless of how poorly they do this. Dillane will be cast aside, as will McCloskey in favour of a returning Loooooookey boy. VDF might get a crack on the basis he was slightly more favoured during the 6N but that's by no means a given.

        I'm going to stop talking about POC being a loss because we knew prior to the RWC he was retiring. POM, SOB and Henderson highlighted that we don't have this vast array of depth up front. Stander aside I don't think TOD or VDF really set the world alight as openside options. Heaslip upped his game with Stander breathing down his collar but I forgot he's 32 coming 33...he's no spring chicken either. Toner and Ryan were a limited if committed lock pairing though I felt Ryan seemed to grow into the tournament. Very disenfranchised with the whole Irish set-up at the moment. Best is struggling with the weight of captaincy and the second best hooker in Ireland, IMO, is behind him for Ulster. We've nobody currently good enough to replace Ross and I am really disappointed that Furlong was not persisted with even after his Paris showing. Reddan's continued inclusion was as infuriating as it was pointless. Madigan, ditto. McFadden, same again and Robnoxious hasn't been close to form in maybe 18 or more months now. I'd say 7 years if i wished to be slightly harsh but generally accurate. Only plus points for me was Sexton seeming to put his head knocks behind him though his football impersonation was diabolical. Henshaw the few times he got into the 13 channel. Zebo and Earls looking improved threats with ball in hand.

        Very unenthused about Team Ireland and Schmidt's Green Monkey's at present. I hope the tour to RSA rejuvenates but I can't see it myself.