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Ireland Vs All Blacks Chicago Nov 5th 2016

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    Originally posted by i_like_cake View Post
    He came out with a cracker the other day... About an Ospreys player..
    Barry Daly.. Sounds like a Welsh newspaper...

    Admittedly I had a couple of rioja's in me..

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    You must have. Barry Daly plays for Leinster.


      Originally posted by Spiffy View Post
      My feeling is the opposite. I quite liked Robson when he first appeared, but now I can't stand his never-ending stream if irrelevant burble and attempts to sound like a standup comic with all his little prepared puns and quips.
      His alliterations are awful but in a good way. The co-commentator groans as do we but it still makes (some of) us smile.
      And of course they are prepared, he's a pro after all.
      At one time I used not like listening to Micheal O Muircheartaigh but again he grew on me and I was really sorry to see him go
      OTOH I grew to dislike Bill McLaren who is commonly regarded as having been a brilliant commentator.
      No accounting for taste as they say.
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        Originally posted by Mike Gibson View Post
        You must have. Barry Daly plays for Leinster.
        [emoji1] [emoji1]
        Must have been Leinster Connacht..

        This trump victory has addled my brain..

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        He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.


          Originally posted by In Joe we trust View Post
          Five Tries

          Ireland have become just the third team in history to score five tries against the All Blacks in a single match.
          In fact, it's just the fifth occasion ever that it's happened.
          Furthermore, they are just the second team to score five tries and win the match.

          Surprisingly, two of the other four occasions came during the 2000 Tri-Nations when South Africa beat the All Blacks 46-40, and Australia came close with a 39-35 loss.

          The only other times were in 1937 and 1997 against South Africa.

          25 First-half Points

          The Irish went into the sheds at halftime on Sunday morning up 25-8.
          That's the most first half points Ireland has scored against any tier one nation.
          For the All Blacks, 25 points is the 3rd most they've ever given up in the first half during their 549-test history.

          40 Points

          Before Ireland, how many teams had scored 40 points or more against the All Blacks?
          Just two - France and South Africa.
          In fact, it's only the fifth time in history a team has scored 40 points against the All Blacks - and is tied fourth for the most amount of points the All Blacks have allowed in one game.
          It's also been 12 years since South Africa did it last.
          Take it down a notch, and it's just the second time since 2009 that the All Blacks have conceded more than 30 points - England being the only other team in 2012.

          The Luck of the French

          We don't have anything against the French. Of course we don't.
          But on Sunday morning, Mathieu Raynal officiated proceedings and became the first French referee since 1993 to blow the whistle on an All Blacks loss.
          For the record, three of the last four matches of the All Blacks have lost in the past five years have been adjudicated by Wayne Barnes.

          258 minutes

          It took Australia, South Africa, and Argentina 258 minutes to collectively put 40 points in the All Blacks "against" column during this year's Rugby Championship. Ireland did it by themselves in 76 minutes.
          Ireland's five tries in one match also equals the total amount of tries teams scored against the All Blacks in the Rugby Championship this year - from six games.

          Black and Wyatt

          Wyatt Crockett's win percentage is the highest among all players.
          97.27 per cent in the 55 games he's played.
          His only loss - England in 2012.
          That's right, the All Blacks haven't lost a game since 2012 when Wyatt Crockett is on the field.
          He didn't play against Ireland on Sunday morning.
          First Northern Hemisphere team to score 5 tries against NZ - not a bad start to the November internationals.

          Originally Posted by mr chips
          AG gets the responses he does because he is a journalist..


            I have been too busy to engage here since the game. It was a great game because a) BT sport gave me a good stream (i pay for BT internet and sport and it is a nightmare) and B) Ireland won. I had not, in my wildest dreams, expected either. I have watched it just once more since but will get time to look again.

            I have not had time to read the thread but I am sure the performances of all will have been celebrated. For me, Murray, Zebo and Henshaw were standout. Also, Ultan gave us at least one nice run when he swats away a few opposition players. However, I have been reading the media and thought that the contribution of Andrew Trimble was a bit 'unsung'. Some English that watched the game even mentioned how good he was. He made a few hits that were crucial. The whole team were brilliant and worked together so well....just want more of that.