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    Originally posted by HenryFitz View Post
    So next season will see Bleyendaal, Aki and Tom McCartney qualify. Think this will be the last season we will see a recognisably Irish team take the pitch, rather than an IRFU selection. Probably a midfield of ringers with Tyler, Bundee and Jared. It'll probably take that to see an end to this leeching off the SH.
    With one player from the recent extended extended irish squad of 40 being a project player i think its time you untwisted your knickers a little bit.. Over react much?


      I love CJ, but hand on heart, it doesn't feel right seeing him tog out for Ireland (or any of the others we have capped going this route). I know he's bought into everything Munster/Ireland as much as any player we have ever had, but culturally he's a Saffer. The international game, in a rush to up quality, risks losing the tribal inter country rivalry that makes it interesting. I'd rather Ireland lost a few extra games but fielded an Irish team every day of the week. It's like with Munster, I'd hate if two thirds + of our team wasn't native and would quickly lose any perceived connection if it were not.

      The quality of player doesn't interest me/ affect my decision but there have been some pretty average guys been capped under it too. James Coughlan never got a full cap but a Robbie Diack did (just an example but as I say doesn't matter to me if they are a CJ or a dud). Does anyone really want to argue the 6N has been enhanced by the capping of a Riki Flutely, Shontayne Hape et al?Or that the international game isn't compromised when we have Nathan Hughes refusing to play for Fiji at the RWC to become English qualified? Many more examples where they came from.

      I know some are pointing to a recent Irish squad where only 1 player had came this route but that was down to injury and not a norm. I recall reading an article at the start of this season that up until that point, nearly a 1/4 of Joes new caps since he took over were residency qualified with over 10% through grand parents. Fairly high percentage and the longer it go's on the more you'd imagine that will increase as more players become eligible.

      Id love for the IRB to immediately double the period to 6 years for all tier 1 countries for residency and to shorten eligibility to birth parents (from grand parents) too.
      Seas suas agus troid!


        Can we keep the Aki playing for ireland stuff here....

        I look forward to seeing him play for us in Irish Green. We are just playing by the rules that all the other nations are playing by.
        He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.