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    Well, hats off to the ladies. The first Irish International XV to beat New Zealand.
    If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself.


      Niamh Briggs on BBC Radio 5 now.

      Edit: Hacks trailing it on Twitter were wrong, it's Fiona Coughlan.
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      Ceterum censeo INM irrumandum esse.


        They have taken it down since....

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        Whoops. ;)
        The Maul is Back!! LONG LIVE THE MAUL!!

        Stringer is bigger even than his own immense shadow. Pound for pound, he is the best tackler in the world. If you put him into bag of cats he\'d come out without a scratch. He was hit very late for Murphy\'s try. And when he got up, as we knew he would, the crowd cried his name as if he had just fixed the economy.Billy Keane-After Munster\'s famous loss to the AB\'s.

        The Bull-Truly irreplaceable, a mountain of a man. 100 caps!!


          Epic result. Very enjoyable viewing even though TG4 commentary kept breaking down.
          Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue,
          Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!


            Originally posted by Stringer9 View Post
            They have taken it down since....


            Whoops. ;)
            Typical men, getting upset over the truth.


              Brilliant performance.Showed great determination and character.Also well done to the coaching staff. Their efforts were there for all to see.
              The early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.


                The early bird catches the worm but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.


                  Delighted for the Irish Women, a bit irate that I still haven't been able to make it back in time to see any of their games yet. Really would have enjoyed watching this one live!
                  Tis but a scratch.


                    Watched the second half live and was never in doubt that the Irish Ladies could and would close it out. Well done to them.
                    "Fineen Wycherley was everywhere. When I watched this video back late on Saturday night I half expected to look up from my laptop to find him in my kitchen ' TRK Nov 3rd 2019 following Cardiff v Munster


                      Caught the last 5 minutes at work, huge congrats to the team, showed the men how to finish the job!
                      Hip Flasks at the ready, double for a Stringer ankle tap!


                        Any win for Ireland v Khazakstan on Saturday (noon Irish time) will win Pool B for Ireland and put them into the Semi-Finals. Who their opponents will be will depend on results in the other two Pools. The three Pool winners and the best runners up will qualify.

                        EDIT A two point draw would be enough to win the Pool only if NZ and the USA draw or the winners don't get a bonus. If the winners get a bonus, Ireland would need a draw scoring four tries or more.
                        A two bonus point loss would only do if the NZ and the USA draw or the winners don't get a bonus.

                        In Pool A, the winners of England v Canada will win on 14 points minimum and will be one of the top two qualifiers The losers will be on 10, 11 or 12 points. If it's a 2-2 or 3-3 draw, England will win the Pool on points difference with Canada progressing on 12 or 13 points. If it's a 3-2 draw, whoever gets the four tries or more will progress as winners and the others as the best runners up.

                        In Pool C, the winners of France v Australia will win the pool. The draw will do France. A win for Australia would put them on 12 or 13 points with France on 10, 11 or 12 and in the running for the last Semi spot. A win for France will get them a top two spot.

                        The winners between NZ and the US will be on 11 or 10 points and in with a shout of progressing if there is a decisive result in Pool A and either France beat Australia who fail to get two bonuses or Australia beat France who get no bonus.

                        For what they're worth. PK's predictions:

                        England 5-0 Canada
                        Ireland 5-0 Kazakhstan
                        NZ 5-0 USA
                        France 4-0 Australia

                        Leaving England v NZ and France v Ireland in the Semi-Finals.
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                          Originally posted by whimpersnap View Post
                          Typical men, getting upset over the truth.
                          Who's upset?


                            Superb performance - as good as any Heino win. Unlucky not to be awarded try at the end. Some superb tackling and great try and conversion
                            Briggs should kick long downfield not to touch. It made NZ start from own 22. Can afford to rest a few for final game to prepare for SF

                            Proud of great team


                              This win has also thrown the cat amongst the proverbials for England, who would have expected to get a plum draw if they win, as expected, against Canada and top the rankings. Now they will probably have to face New Zealand.


                                anyone got any highlights link ? Brilliant result . Hopefully the men will break their duck soon.