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6N: Team of the Teams of the Tournament

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    6N: Team of the Teams of the Tournament

    Composite of all the teams of the tournament I could find. Mostly from the English papers but also Wales online, planetrugby and L'Equipe. Overall 14 different teams (5 of them from the Guardian alone), numbers in brackets are how many of the teams the player made. Yes, I was very bored.

    15. Mike Brown (14/14)
    14. Yoann Huget (12/14)
    13. Brian O'Driscoll (8/14)
    12. Jamie Roberts (6/14)
    11. George North (7/14)
    10. Johnny Sexton (14/14)
    9. Danny Care (13/14)
    1. Cian Healy (14/14)
    2. Dylan Hartley (11/14)
    3. Mike Ross (9/14)
    4. Joe Launchbury 10/14)
    5. Courtney Lawes (12/14)
    6. Peter O'Mahony (12/14)
    7. Sam Warburton (8/14)
    8. Jamie Heaslip (6/14)

    Totals: 6 Irish, 5 English, 3 Welsh, 1 French, no Italians or Scots.

    Overall most positions were fairly uncontested. Things of note:
    13 was the closest position with everyone else opting for Burrell (who got 7 votes overall with Rob Kitson switching him to 12 to accommodate BOD).
    7 was probably next closest with 5 people opting for Robshaw.
    Roberts, North and Heaslip all won very split votes but were fairly comfortable in the end as their rivals split votes fairly evenly. Closest challenger to any of them was Denton on 3 votes.
    Trimble picked up 5 votes but 3 of them were on the left as people shifted him to accommodate Huget.
    Everyone else was fairly well out in front of their nearest competition. 10 was surprisingly unanimous as it was also the position where most people opted to give an honorable mention (always Farrell) but in the end everyone opted for Johnny.
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