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French National Rugby Stadium

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    French National Rugby Stadium

    The Story

    Since its construction in 1997, the agreement binding the Stade de France and the French Rugby Federation required the FFR to rent SdF for € 2.8 million per game. An amount complained for some time by the leaders of the FFR, who felt robbed. Profits for a home game were three times less than those of the RFU for a match at Twickenham.

    Despite the renewal of the agreement between the FFR and SdF, the rental rate falling to 1.15 million euros until 2017, the project to build a new arena continues indeed , raising tension side of Saint- Denis .

    For the FFR is the main "customer" of the Stade de France . The games organized every year by the FFR will be lost, with a new indoor stadium of 82,000 seats at 25 km from Paris , this is a very serious competitor. Pascal Simonin , CEO of RAMS from 2001 to 2006, " in terms of market, public revenue capture and release , there is no possible savings for two major Stadia in the Ile -de- France . " Interviewed by the Dispatch , the Sports Minister Valérie Fourneyron , has insisted she has" no objection in principle to this project. " However , it recognizes that this is " heavy multiple issues , which should be analyzed with precision." And assert that "the project necessarily questioning the future of the Stade de France business model ." Before concluding that "the State will decide once the public debate over."

    Rugby: and if the big stadium was built in Toulouse?

    The last public debate on the proposed largest stadium that seats 82,000 French Rugby Federation wants to build in the Paris region , takes place tonight. A huge site that drives some local players to remember that the capital of rugby is Toulouse. Chick ? !

    English rugby union owns Twickenham , the Wales Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the Scots Murrayfield ... The French Rugby Federation (FFR ), it is required to rent the Stade de France ( RAMS ) at matches the Blues, who lacked its own facilities. A fact that annoys prodigiously governing bodies of the FFR , first and foremost President Pierre Camou and vice-president Serge Blanco (see page 3).

    Both Basques strong character have managed to impose a huge project : the construction of the largest French Arena , a stadium of 82,000 seats ultramodern (see page 3), at a cost of 600 million euros , financed entirely by FFR , third in own funds and bonds , two thirds by bank loans repayable over 20 years.

    This project, in which the state will not - at least not directly - a euro, against received the support of local communities in the settlement area planned: City Ris Bondoufle and its neighbor , the community agglomeration of Evry, and the General Council of Essonne . These offer the land - the old racecourse Ris - the development of the ZAC around, and funding availability . A chance for the region south of the Ile- de- France , 25 km from Paris , just favored so far in development projects.

    But this great stage there will emerge if the state and the region are investing heavily to modernize the public transport network , more than age. What is not won .

    Otherwise , it's the same question of the location of the large stadium would be called into question, according to the president of the organizing committee of public debate, Jacques Archimbaud (see below) . As with any excess of € 300 million project , the organization of an independent public debate , led by the ad hoc committee has been imposed. Six debates have already taken place , including one in Toulouse, Thursday, Jan. 23 . The last stands tonight in Paris.

    The dispute goes to Toulouse

    The architecture of the stadium had been presented in detail for the first time in Toulouse by President Camou , who also developed its business plan, eleven rugby matches provided for the year, including most of the revenues come from hospitalities ( benefits provided meals in a box or a VIP lounge ) , and six other major events ( other sports , concerts , meetings ) for which the FFR would lease its stadium .

    What react the president of Stade Toulousain , Jean -René Bouscatel , which is both questioned the viability of the business plan and rose against the concentration of sports facilities in Paris , calling for a general location of the future stadium in Toulouse.

    He was joined on this point by two others. Jean- Louis Chauzy , Chairman of the Economic Council, Social and Regional Environmental ( Ceser ) , which rose against inequality between regions, " when the state wants to build thirteen cities , it requires accessibility, but also large facilities, sports and leisure " and Henri Frutos , Sir Ceser in sports in his capacity as vice -president of the Olympic and Sports Committee , who made ​​a plea for his region . " Midi -Pyrénées is one of the most sporting regions of France with 750 000 members . And then there was the spirit of rugby , it is the land of rugby , such equipment at home it would have been the plume . " A maul is formed. Will there be support?


      2.8 million divieded by 80,000 punters means 35 euros out of every ticket was going to the people who built the ground, thats staggeringly high. No wonder its such an expensive kip
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      What's the difference anyway
      When all the people do all day
      Is stare into a phone


        I do laugh at the newbies who go there horsing into the beer.
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          They should build it in Toulon. It might give the locals a chance to see French rugby players in action.
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            Well, I won't be going to their new stadium unless they build it somewhere a bit closer to the city centre (whichever city they choose). The current stade is in a crap location and then they go putting the games on at 9pm and serving non-alcoholic beer!


              Tolouse in the spring for a 6N game would be some craic. Plenty facilities for travelling fans as well.

              The Velodrome is another favourite of the Cocks. They usually play quite well down there
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                Bouscatel might have been a bit smarter about his recent conduct if he wanted the FFR to play nice with him on this.
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                  Originally posted by fitzy73 View Post
                  I do laugh at the newbies who go there horsing into the beer.
                  Always gives me a laugh. Although a plus point to their security is free left luggage.