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The only thing England doing right

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    The only thing England doing right

    RFU step up battle against Twickenham ticket touts

    By Rob Wildman

    England's dismal autumn of autumn of boos and poor performances has failed to dampen the demand for black market tickets, resulting in the biggest crackdown on touts by Twickenham officials.

    Paul Vaughan, the commercial director for the Rugby Football Union, reported yesterday that his team were investigating a record 120 allegations of member clubs or individuals dealing in black market tickets this autumn.

    Vaughan said a further 27 cases were at the RFU appeals stage, and penalties against clubs or individuals would be announced early next month. He added that the offenders ranged across the sport, from professionals to amateurs.

    The clampdown on touts has included the provision of £50,000 to pay for 'shopping' expeditions in which Twickenham staff and volunteers buy tickets on the black market to discover the source.
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    RFU bye-laws bar member clubs from selling on tickets for profit. These restrictions enable the RFU to reduce or suspend ticket allocations.

    Vaughan said that the RFU were continuing the fight against 'pirate' hospitality companies. He estimated that some 4,000 tickets a game went to unofficial operations. "We're still getting calls from companies who have spent £20,000 on tickets and get nothing in return," he added.


    Glad somebody is finally doing something about it - pity it is not done here - especially

    Originally posted by RobbieG
    RFU bye-laws bar member clubs from selling on tickets for profit
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      about time something is done,but unfortunately where there is a will there is way.
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        While here we have a Senior club ready to take the IRFU to court over the right to tickets that they then will flog off to the corporate touts for big bucks