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Good Luck Diogo

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    Good Luck Diogo

    In the midst of all the Six Nations aftermath, there's a little game going on tomorrow, as I'm sure you all know, that could have a very big impact for one of our players, so let me be the first on this topic to wish Diogo Mateus and his Portugal team-mates good luck in the second leg of their RWC qualifier against Uruguay in Montevideo tomorrow!
    Chickens don\'t CLAP!!!

    Indeed good luck Diogo and Portugal.
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      Has he played for Munster?

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        He's benched for us.
        Might have been involved with the A team.
        Shameless self promotion time ladies and gents!
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          @@@@SPAN id=intelliTXT>Portugal have become the last team to qualify for the 2007 Rugby World Cup. It is their first time ever to do so but it took a thriller and in the end a single point was enough.

          Uruguay who have been to the last two World Cups were their own worst enemies, paying the price for indiscipline.

          Uruguay won the second leg of the World Cup qualifier in Montevideo 18-12 but Portugal had won the first leg 12-5. They thus won overall 24-23. By one point! That point is enough to take the Lobos to France and means grave disappointment for the Teros who will stay at home.

          In Lisbon Portugal had been leading 12-0 when Uruguay scored a last-minute try to make the score 12-5. That meant that Portugal took a seven-point cushion to Montevideo.

          On Saturday the Teros scored two tries, the Lobos none.

          After just two minutes Uruguay had lock Juan Bado red-carded, sent off for foul play. That meant that for almost all the match the Teros played with only 14 men.

          Nonetheless Uruguay took the lead through penalties by Juan Menchaca and Diego Aguirre but then Portugal levelled matters with penalties by Duarte Pinto and Joao. Then just before half time lock Marcelo Dorey was sent to the sin bin.

          With Portugal down to 14 men at the start of the second half, Uruguay took an 11-6 lead with a try will Portugal scored two more penalties to lead 12-11 with 25 minutes to play - 25 tense minutes.

          The powerful Uruguayan pack mauled over the line for a try which took them to 18-12. That gave Portugal there point overall lead but with 13 minutes to play, and that is how the score stayed as injury time dragged on and agonisingly on.


          For Portugal:
          Duarte Pinto 4

          For Uruguay:
          Crosa, Capo
          Con: Menchaca
          Pens: Menchaca, Aguirre


          15 Juan Menchaca, 14 Juan Labat, 13 Diego Aguirre, 12 Joaquin Pastore, 11 Martín Crosa, 10 Sebastian Aguirre, 9 Juan Campomar, 8 Nicolas Brignoni, 7 Nicolas Grille, 6 Alfredo Giuria, 5 Rodrigo Capo, 4 Juan Bado, 3 Pablo Lemoine, 2 Juan Andres Perez, 1 Rodrigo Sanchez
          Replacements: 16 Guillermo Storace, 17 Federico Capo, 18 Carlos Arboleya, 19 Juan Miguel Alvarez, 20 Rafael Alvarez, 21 Juan Martín Llovet, 22 Nicolas Morales

          Coaches: Nicolas Inciarte, Mario Lame

          Portugal: 15 Pedro Leal, 14 Diogo Gama, 13 Miguel Portela, 12 Diogo Mateus, 11 Pedro Carvalho, 10 Duarte Pinto, 9 Luis Pissarra, 8 Vasco Uva, 7 Joao Uva, 6 Juan Serveriño, 5 Marcelo Dorey, 4 Gonzalo Uva, 3 Joaquin Ferreira, 2 Joao Correta, 1 André Lourenzo
          Replacements: 16 Rui Cordeiro, 17 Duarte Figueredo, 18 David Penalva, 19 Diogo Coutinho, 20 Paulo Murinello, 21 José Pinto, 22 Goncalo Malheiro

          Coach: Tomaz Morais @@@@/SPAN>



            Excellent news .. well done portugal, and diogo should be back to munster in high spirits after that qualification.
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              Delighted for Portugal, I think its great news for the 6Nb competition
              as well. Hopefully Diogo will get some gametime for us before the end
              of the season
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                how is he progressing at UCC??
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