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Wales book Six Nations Saturdays

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    Wales book Six Nations Saturdays

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    <DIV></DIV></TD></TR></T></T></TABLE><!- E IIMA -><!- S SF ->Wales will play all of next season's RBS Six Nations games on a Saturday.

    Welsh Rugby Union chief executive Roger Lewis told BBC Radio Wales' Scrum V that an agreement has been made with Ireland to benefit the supporters.

    This year the match against Ireland was on Sunday and there has been discussion about holding games on Friday nights.

    "I was open to exploring Friday nights because that is better than Sunday, but the ideal position is to get it all on a Saturday," Lewis said. <!- E SF ->

    "I've been over in Ireland every week for the past six weeks and this week I talked to John Feehan, a great friend of ours who is the chief executive of the Six Nations.

    "It's great news and I've always said that I'm sensitive to the fans."

    Sunday matches in the tournament have been less favoured by many fans, especially away supporters, as travelling home on Sunday evenings after matches has proved unpopular and problematic.

    Wales had two home matches and three away in this season's Six Nations, with all but the Sunday opener against Ireland played on Saturday.

    Next year they will face Italy, France and Scotland on home turf in Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, with trips to face Ireland in Dublin and England at Twickenham.

    <!- E BO ->
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      That's us on Sundays again then, is it?
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        Originally posted by Balla Boy

        That's us on Sundays again then, is it?

        except for the welsh game[img]smileys/biggrin.gif[/img]
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        I don't know Jeff!
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