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A South African rugby team swept out to sea.

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    A South African rugby team swept out to sea.

    One dead, five missing as rugby team swept out to sea in South Africa

    • Team cooling off after training session; swept away
    • Rescuers saved 15 people, who were taken to hospital
    • Air force helicopter joined police dive unit and lifeguards

    ONE person died and five remained missing today after 21 rugby players were swept out to sea following a beach training session in South Africa.

    The players were cooling off in the sea in Bluewater Bay, in the southern city of Port Elizabeth, following the practice session when they were suddenly swept away by a strong current.

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    Tic-Toc. POC and DOC. Stop the clock.

    Saw that a little earlier, tragic.

    Seems that a few of 'em went in for a dip after doing a training session on the dunes and beach, got into trouble with a rip-tide/current. Place had lifeguards but their boat wasn't inflated..... When the lifeguards weren't helping the others went in after their mates. It's now a search and recovery.

    RIP to all.


      That's horrendous, poor guys.
      Tis but a scratch.


        I've been off a few beaches near PE .. Horrible horrible rip tides.

        Sympathies to their families and friends.
        Please support Milford Hospice. Click here to donate.


          Awful tragedy . God love them
          When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect Hungry


            This is a horrible thing to happen to any group of people. I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more about it in rugby media and forums and on the news as well