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Geordan Murphy Q & A

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    Geordan Murphy Q & A

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    Geordan Murphy Q&amp;A

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    Geordan Murphy

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    Ireland full-back/wing



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    Geordan Murphy will be in Rome this week as cover when Ireland take on Italy in their final RBS Six Nations match.

    Even though he will not be playing this weekend, your
    e-mails have been pouring in for the Leicester player and below are his
    answers to a selection of them.

    Geordan, have you ever thought about coming home to
    Ireland to play your rugby with Leinster or Munster, especially with
    the Irish provinces doing so well in the Magners League?

    Joe McCormick, Dublin


    I suppose it is something I do think about and Irish
    rugby is sky high at the minute. But I have been lucky with my club
    Leicester who have been very good to me for the last nine seasons. At
    the moment I am enjoying my rugby with them but we will see what

    Does the incident like the one which happened to Ronan O'Gara have
    an effect on a player's confidence? Is there a chance he could be more
    nervous and less eager to enter a situation where such a thing could
    happen again?

    Michael Calvert, Larne


    No, I don't think so. Sometimes things like that happen
    and it is just the way it goes. I do not think Ronan will be worried
    about it at all and I know he is looking forward to the game against

    What points were you trying to make to Nathan Hines outside the Scotland dressing room on Saturday?

    Kieran Walsh, London


    I was not talking to Nathan Hines before the match but I
    was kidding around with Leicester second row Jim Hamilton - so maybe a
    case of mistaken identity there. I did speak to Nathan after the match
    but it was just a "how are you doing?" type of thing

    Geordan, your ball skills are obvious while playing.
    Did you play football as a youngster, did you ever consider it as a
    career and which club do you support?

    Cairbre Finan, Naas




    "From the stand you should never down a pass or miss a tackle. "

    Well you would say that, wouldn't you ? [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]



      A bit harsh Point,

      Scuse the pun but he has a point, what you can't appreciate sometimes from the stands is the speed things are happening at on the pitch, how little time players have to think&amp; how little there is between hero &amp; zero sometimes. For instance,many of ROG's flat skip passes across midfield are literally 1 or 2 ft away from an on coming interceptors hands. Now obviously ROG has the skill &amp; judgement to weigh these things up to near perfection but if &amp; when it goes wrong (e.g. Murphy in Paris last year) u can look like an awful muppet.
      Munster were great when they were Munster.

      alas they are just north munster now.......



        My other pet hate with this 'touchline player's God complex', is when commentators most of whom never actually played the game proclaim to the world that 'so and so &amp; so went himself when he should have passed outside as there were two players free outside him'. Normally when you replay the video on these situations, sure there are 1 or 2 players free but either the player themselves doesn't have the time to execute a pass &amp; hence could give away a turnover or worse an intercept, or the commentator hasn't allowed for the 3-4 drift defenders coming over who have the 2 runners on the outside fully covered, hence there is no point passing in that situation and the right option is to take it into contact &amp; seek to recycle it at that stage.

        Watch for it in the next few games, Ryle N is shocking at doing it, but George Ham &amp; some of the Beebs commentators do it repetitively too. very annoying.... rant over [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img]
        Munster were great when they were Munster.

        alas they are just north munster now.......



          What infact is this post about ?????

          By the looks of it you are slating the poorlad !! In my opinion he is one of the most honest guys in rugby. Also in my opinion he should be in ahead of Trimble. He made one mistake against the French and the media have been slating him ever since... Give him a rest and get off his back. Ireland would be a better team with Murphy in the squad !!
          \' It Has Been Noted \'


            i agree murphy shud be ahead of trimble and it gives us more options off the bench. eddie is after makin him a scapegoat for losing to france and i think its very bad form.people say he missed a tackle for the try but sure he was covering out and trying to cover 2 players which is next to impossible and goin at full tilt its hard to come back and make a tackle from that angle.