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3rd best Irish lock right now?

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    Originally posted by sewa
    Originally posted by Ruck
    Originally posted by sewa

    Last week he looked every bit as disinterested as Wyatt.
    <DIV>[img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]You clearly didn't watch the same game as me. Cullen was decent in defence and looked threatening going forward. His quick thinking and a quick lineout almost lead to a Munster try, and he made at least two other breaks. But don't let facts get in the way of a good arguement.</DIV>

    We all saw him saunter back for that chip behind. If it wasnt lack of interest then he is even slower than I thought.

    To be fair Cullen has always sauntered back. I can remember him at his peak sauntering around like that. I think he got into the habit because he had so much pace he could step it up so easily if he needed to. Also no one ever said he was the greatest defensive covering full back ever, in fact he lost his place with NZ because they felt he didn't offer enough defensively to make up for what he offered in attack. They (Mitchell) were wrong at that point in time but you can see why people thought it.