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O’Gara choked by Scottish player?

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    O’Gara choked by Scottish player?

    As reported on RTE...serious stuff...apparently he was out cold and going blue....
    Seas suas agus troid!

    f**king hell, thats serious s**t.


      Appears its *****...Can see the Bull put Ogara in the recovery position around the FT whistle....
      Seas suas agus troid!



        Originally posted by LLCOOLJ14
        As reported on RTE...serious stuff...apparently he was out cold and going blue....
        Bloody hell. Did he swallow his tongue, perhaps?
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          This is far worse than Finlay Calder's cowardly punch in 1991. Was it****** *****who (allegedly) did it? The reaction of the Bull made it look as if it was very serious, and as the panel there said, EO'S is not prone to overstatement and hyperbole.
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            Wonder if someone has better footage?***** is a big girl and would definately do damage if he was trying to hurt someone. Without the hyperbole it's serious stuff
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              I think it is difficult to know whether it was deliberate or not - I really can't see any player trying to do this sort of thing in a professional game.


                You couldnt make out much on RTEs coverage, wonder if some other camera angles will show it


                  @@@@SPAN =storyline>O'Gara was 'choked' - O'Sullivan@@@@/SPAN>

                  @@@@SPAN =storydate>10/03/2007@@@@/SPAN>
                  Ireland coach Eddie O'Sullivan claimed a Scottish player deliberately choked fly-half Ronan O'Gara in today's 19-18 RBS 6 Nations victory at Murrayfield.

                  O'Sullivan revealed O'Gara needed treatment from Ireland's team doctor after losing consciousness during the incident which took place shortly before the final whistle.

                  He said: "There was an incident on the ground when someone tried to choke O'Gara.

                  "Someone had their arm around his neck, cut off his air supply and he went blue. I'd rather not say who it was.

                  "I believe it was deliberate, putting your hand around someone's neck and trying to choke them is hard to do by accident.

                  "I didn't see it because I'm sat in the stands like everyone else and he was at the bottom of a ruck with people on top of him.

                  "When the ruck broke up Ronan had gone blue and was losing consciousness.

                  "The doctor came on, checked his air supply was clear and he started breathing again. It's an unfortunate incident but it happened."

                  O'Sullivan revealed he will not be making any recommendations to the citing officer as replays prove inconclusive.

                  He said: "It's very difficult to cite anyone because the incident wasn't on TV and unless the guy puts up his hand nothing is going to happen.

                  "The citing commissioner can ask a question or two but there's nothing to cite - you have to see it to sight it.

                  "Nothing will come of it because there's no evidence."

                  He continued: "If you want to find out who did it, you'll need to go to the Scottish dressing room. I'm just saying what happened.

                  "They're all honourable fellas and one of them will put their hands up. It was totally out of character with the game."

                  Several flashpoints erupted during the match but Brian O'Driscoll, who was himself warned by referee David Pearson for an off-the-ball incident, insisted it was not a malicious encounter.

                  The Ireland captain said: "I didn't see the incident because I wasn't anywhere near the ruck but I heard from some of the boys about what went on.

                  "Ronan is okay now, just a little shaken up. It's not a nice situation to find yourself vulnerable on a rugby pitch.

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                  "It's happened to me once and it's not a nice feeling. I'm sure Ronan would rather forget all about.

                  "You get games where there's an extra bit of bite but there was nothing malicious about this match.

                  "There was nothing untoward until that point. People were giving as good as they were getting. It was an isolated incident."

                  Scotland responded to the allegation by denying any wrongdoing by any of their players.

                  A spokesman said: "We refute any allegation of foul play made after the match."

                  The incident overshadowed Ireland completing the Triple Crown – their third clean sweep of the home nations in four years.

                  But they were pushed mightily close by Scotland who kept in touch through the flawless kicking of Chris Paterson before O'Gara closed the game out with two penalties.

                  O'Sullivan said: "We would have been disappointed if we didn't win. The game is always a dogfight at Murrayfield.

                  "We talked about what it would be like all week and knew the media hoopla going into the game was a load of nonsense.

                  "We never bought into it. Scotland felt they had let themselves down against Italy and needed a big performance against us.

                  "This was their last home gam
                  Frank the Tank is not coming back. OK? That part of me is over, water under the bridge.



                    Don't think for a mo he tried to kill him, but there could well be a case of, hang on ya f@*ker you're not going anywhere in a hurry, &amp; if he did that around another players windpipe then he's some bollix

                    The Bull stopped (rightly so)even when the ball was still in play
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                      Eddie better have evidence when he claims it was deliberate. It obviously happened but may have been an accident. Hopefully the RTE 9pm news will have whatever video clip may be available.



                        Originally posted by wildRover
                        Eddie better have evidence when he claims it was deliberate. It obviously happened but may have been an accident. Hopefully the RTE 9pm news will have whatever video clip may be available.

                        The only footage will be ofROG taking the ball into contact and later see 2 Scottish players Hines and No 16? being very close to him - no footage of any choking as there were too many players involved. Actually as you look at it Hines seems more interested in slowing Stringer from taken the ball out than choking anyone.

                        Watch the incident and as ROG takes the in you'll see the Scottish No17 punch Doncha right in fron of Pearson - a citing case if ever.


                          i'd also like to add that scott murray was an absolute knacker all day too. seemed to be having a god ol' laugh with doc throughout the game but any chance he got to throw in a cheap shot at players on the ground he was there first.


                            Sounds like the Cooder trying to deflect criticism from yet another awful poerformance to me. He has been resoundingly outcoached in two out of four so far.
                            Hello friends in Brussels. Baldy here


                              Another W for the winningest coach in Irish rugby history. Four more years.

                              The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves