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Cussiter out for up to four months

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    Cussiter out for up to four months

    @@@@SPAN style="COLOR: #003366; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">Cusiter sidelined for Scotland
    Monday, 20 November 2006 10:53
    Scotland scrum-half Chris Cusiter could be sidelined for up to four months.
    He sustained a shoulder injury during the 34-22 autumn Test victory over the Pacific Islanders on Saturday.
    The Border Reivers star underwent surgery on the damaged left shoulder in Glasgow yesterday afternoon and has been told to expect a lengthy spell on the sidelines.
    Scotland team doctor James Robson said: 'Surgeon Gordon McKay has repaired damage to a number of structures within the joint.
    'Chris will now begin a period of rehabilitation. Recovery from an injury of this nature can take three to four months.'
    Johnnie Beattie was also injured during the match at Murrayfield, suffering ankle ligament damage.
    And uncapped duo Rory Lawson and Alasdair Strokosch have been added to the Scotland squad for Saturday's second Test against Australia as injuries mount up.
    Gloucester scrum-half Lawson will replace Cusiter, while Edinburgh Rugby's back-row forward Strokosch takes the place of Beattie.
    Allister Hogg has already been ruled out, while captain Jason White waits anxiously on a further assessment of the knee injury sustained during the 48-6 win over Romania a week ago.

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    What did you do to the post ruck[img]smileys/c&#111;nfused.gif[/img]
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      Apparentlythis was an off the ball spear tackle. The shoulder popped out and there is a bone chipped also. A citing is expected to follow.



        He was thrownbackwards at the edge of a ruck after he passed the ball - itreminded me of what the Aussie player did to Graeme Geraghty in the compromise game.
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          Taken from the BBC

          Doesn't sound good[img]smileys/thumb-down.gif[/img]

          His latest setback saw him sent flying by Samoan hooker Mahonri Schwalger's charge on the fringes of a ruck, which connected on his armpit.

          Seconds later, he was targeted by flanker Viliami Vaki. The Tongan's initial challenge appeared fair, coming immediately after Cusiter had off-loaded the ball.

          But the real damage was inflicted when Vaki appeared to continue driving Cusiter towards the touchline before plunging him into the turf, by which time the ball was 30 metres away.

          Mike Blair, who replaced Cusiter and is likely to start against Australia on Saturday, said: "I saw Chris take two hits in a row. They didn't seem to be dangerous when you saw them live.

          "But, if you slow it down (they look worse). There was an opportunity for the guy to pull out of the tackle."
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            There were people being essentially called racists on here for suggesting that this is how Islanders play here a few weeks ago. I rest my case...
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              Pity forCussiter they clocked him bad on the fringe.

              He is a fine player.

              i think this is a very rough and sometimes verydirty team coming to dublin next weekend,hope things come ok for ireland and no one get clobberd


                No great shock really, the Samoans in particular have specialised in late, high, from behind, shoulder charges and anything but legal tackling for a long, long time. People are too scared to say they won't play these sides unless they clean up their act.



                  I certainly would not be risking any of our vital players in this clash.

                  It is really tough on Chris and ironically Semo Setiti whom he would have been very close to at Borders has now left the PI tour.



                    funny that the surgery happened so quickly after the injury ... haven't all the irish lads who got shoulder injuries had to wait for almost a month each for "swelling to go down" before they could get their surgeries ???

                    If cusiter makes a quick recovery, reckon the irish will be going to his surgeon in future..
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                      Vaki called to answer charge
                      Tuesday November 21st 2006

                      TONGA flanker Viliami Vaki will face a disciplinary hearing after Scotland's Chris Cusiter was ruled out for the rest of the season having severely injured his shoulder following a dangerous off-the-ball challenge, WRITES DAVID KELLY.

                      The Borders scrum-half was carried off after being floored during the autumn Test triumphover the Pacific Islands at Murrayfield on Saturday.

                      Now Vaki, who is based in France with Perpignan, faces a long ban if he is found guilty of violent play.

                      The Pacific Islanders arrived in Dublin yesterday without Rupeni Caucau who has returned to Agen for personal reasons whilst long serving back rower Semo Sitite has flown back to Japan also for personal reasons.

                      Isoa Domolailai has a recurring back problem and will return to Toulon in the next 24 hours.

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                        Cusiter, White and Hogg out injured for Scotland... Hadden must think he is having a nightmare...
                        He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck either, but a real duck that was actually lame. Maybe from stepping on a land mine or something.



                          BBC Says Viliami Vaki got a 3 week ban.

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                            3 weeks for malicious off the ball incident? That's such s**te. If you carry on "tackling" a man long after the ball has gone to the extent you drive him shoulder first into the ground and he gets injured then you cannot claim any defence at all. It's got nothing to do with the game and effectively it's an assault and it's about time people started being punished accordingly.



                              A go easy o evil one according to the report

                              "The disciplinary committee said it had taken into account the player's previous good record and his expressions of remorse for having caused the injury."

                              I'm sure that will be a great help to Cusiter as he watchs from the side lines[img]smileys/c&#111;nfused.gif[/img]

                              Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale