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Better Captain? POC or BOD??

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    Better Captain? POC or BOD??

    According to this article, BOD is the better captain as he egotistical and brash. POC is apparently too nice.

    Check it out for yourself. It's about half way down the article entitled 'BOD Save the Team' on this site.

    Any thoughts?


    Penalty (in front of the posts)

    2points behind

    "scrum ref"

    Seriously though it takes a special player to be a really good captain, and not necessarily the best.Jonno, S.Fitzpatrick, Peinaar hell even Foley (munster-wise)etc were all terrific captains though not necessarily the best player in said teams.

    BOD's oneproblem (IMO) would be that he gets involved in everything and doesn't have a calm detachment which i worry leads to maybe unnecessarily brash decisions or calls, other than that he generally has led ireland well and there is nothing to suggest that POC would make a better irish captain.

    BODhas won games for Leinster through his own genius but it won't always work and therein lie the problem; he can't do it all himself, nor should he be expected to. But maybe he thinks that it is expected of him thus heaping unecessary amount of pressure on him.


      Been done to death already p;KW=Captain
      Excellence is hard to keep quite - Sherrie Coale



        After a lot of initial doubts BOD has proved to be a very good captain. He offers great defensive leadership particularly as well as having a calming presence on the pitch. Perhaps his confidence/ arrogance helps as well. POC has made some well documented poor decisions as captain of Munster so there's not much of an argument at the moment.

        The 'man arrested in Galway for bringing donkey into hotel room' story looks more interesting to be honest!! [img]smileys/lol.gif[/img]



          O'Driscoll by a country mile. The only reason most on this forum dont want O'Driscoll or he isnt viewed as suitable officer material is because he wears designer glasses etc, etc

          Seriously. You know who you are.


            Maybe in heis early days BOD wasn't the best captain about, but I don't know how anyone can question whether he's a good leader now. He's always lead by deed and we saw the difference between the France and England game that his mere presence brought.


              i hate to admit but based on POC's decision making this year i'd say that it would have to be BOD. POC makes decisions based on what the crowd wantto see like the scrum in front of the post or kicking for the corner early in a match


                Why do you hate to admit BOD is a better captain? That makes no sense.


                  he's from leinster i'm from munster childish i know but oh well



                    Originally posted by Drahcir
                    he's from leinster i'm from munster childish i know but oh well
                    At least you're honest.



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                      On the evidence, BOD is the better captain. He has grown in the job.

                      Not sure how many chances POC has had? And have they all been WITHOUT BOD on the team?

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                        BOD was shakey as a captain starting out, but he's come on a lot.

                        In Leinster's narrow loss to Edinburgh in the HEC he tried to drag his team over the try line, when what was really needed was a series of solid set pieces to set up a winning drop goal, like England did in the RWC final '03. Leinster lost, and BOD was left sitting on his arse at the final whistle, exhausted. POC's attitude would have been better.

                        This season, BOD has given good directions in a tricky match against Wales, and didn't put a foot wrong in the England thrashing. He'll stay calm in a thrashing of the Scots, and flash the talent to counter Troncon's passion in the Italy match.

                        BOD keeps on learning. But the best thing is that he punches respect into the opposition by performing defensive miracles, and then executing attacks that nobody else thought of. So, we're all set for the ABs. Wahay!