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Still very emotional!

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    If true that is so stupid.

    Pathetic, short sighted, and puerile.


      Its completely true. I'd have no reason to lie. I and everyone else in the bar were robbed ofour chance to hear a piece of history being made live.
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        does anyone have a youtube link to drico's hit on morgan as he is taking a catch in his 22? Would love to see it again, thanks


          Just saw that BBC coverage and it is different to the RTE version. No Ulster players were shown in the RTE version, which was a bit over sensitive especially since BBC showed them.


            I was there in the rafters singing my guts out and balling crying! What a massive day and a massive result. I felt a bit sorry for the English fans who went incognito dressed as Irish fans. On the way out when I was walking home a woman pulled up across the road with a car full of like minded scangers and roared dogs abuse at me. Maybe from behing I was wearing the wrong colours, as I was wearing a red jacket with the Munster emblem on the front. In the end I turned around and flashed her the green Jersey just to shut the bi@tch up. Other than that low life scanger who has s**t for brains, we came across no trouble. The stadium was full of respect except for the odd occassion when we all abused the Ref, but that's to be expected! I thought I'd explode with emotion all the way through. Of course THe 43-13 factor played a wee small part in it[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img].
            Well done to both Nations and all involved. There's always a few that will let themselves down, but thankfully, we're bigger than them.



              Originally posted by Corker
              Anyone see the cartoon in this weeks Clare Champion ? It is of a lineout in CP during the Irl - Eng match, with POC being raised high over the line by Dev and Michael Collins operating sky hooks. Pure Class. Must scan it and post it tomorrow.


              Did you get a chance to scan this cartoon?



                Was at it and was delighted there were no issues, the normal courtesy and conversations were had with English fans post match, hands shook, pints drank, songs sang etc. They all said what a fine stadium it was, to be honest most of the conversations were about the match, we didnt really get into the whole rest of the stuff.

                Caught George Hook in a replay of the match much later in some pub in Store St (alot of Lansdowne heads in there) and he made a great point. I'm paraphrasing but basically he said that the meida made a big hype of it and should be ashamed of themselves that they didnt have faith in the Irish people to do the right thing.
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                    I'm still buzzing.

                    Me ould Mucker Wallywatched it in his gaff on an 18 x 20ft projector screen. whilst I had to settle for an 18 x 20 inch telly in a pub in Kerry (Horse racing on the bigger screen) & it was still brilliant.

                    Best Irish performance for ages and ages, perhaps even the best.

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                      Originally posted by T.C.B.
                      POC looks emotional. But the other emotion:

                      That image reminds me of the scene from The Field when the Bull clobbers the yank (eventually killing him) & his son down by the river.

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                        Superb stuff. I 've cried at many a munster match but never thought Id cry for an international. The anthems on saturday brought a tear to my eye
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                          definitely two of those officials singing irelands call[img]smileys/wink.gif[/img]