@@@@SPAN =post>HelloMunster Fans,

I may have some good news for some of your group.

I am currently in Dublin, visiting cousins of mine. One of my relations works in the IRFU, and managed to source two tickets for myself and my son. We were all set to attend Croke Park tomorrow, but it now happens that i have to return to Scotland tonight due to family reasons.

I would much prefer that the tickets go to true rugby people, rather than some corporate type or England fan. I enjoyed meeting youMunsterpeople immensely on your trips to Edinburgh games over the years, and would be proud to have the chance to show my gratitute now.

The two tickets are located in the Cusack Terrace, and are meant to be quite good seats. All I ask for is the face value, €80 each.

I am leaving Dublin tonight, so if anybody gets a response in to me in the next few hours i will make arrangements with them.

Given the likely potential for multiple requests, i feel it is only fair to introduce a tie-breaker of sorts.

Whoever can make up a poem/joke about my beloved Border Reivers, will be in with a chance!

Good luck

Yours In Rugby