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Where to watch the game in London

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    Where to watch the game in London

    I am living over here in london and was wondering if anyone could reccommend a good place to watch the match.
    Plenty of beer and big screen is what i need


    Waxys and O Neills in leicester sq are safe, if a little predictable, options. Molly's in Richmond is another good spot. Couple of good spots in north london as well - the full back near Finsbury park and a place in Islington, the name of which I can't think of at the mo...



      Kavanaghs Bar , Jurys hotel,Kensington will be packed get there early .
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        I am very new to London, but have been invited to 2 different placs to watch it...

        The Walkabout, by the temple street tube station..... great sports bar, loads of big screen and drunk antipodeans... good craic..

        The Porterhouse... Near covent garden/charing cross...

        Have not made it to Waxy's yet, but I hear it is an experience aswell..
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