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Getting jiggy with a Selector's daughter in the dressing rooms roll of honour thread

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    Originally posted by bugler View Post
    Neil Best was in super form for a time, and was all set for a decent international career. Unfortunately being a complete head case got in the way.

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    Ryan Caldwell was another talented Ulster head-the-ball.


      Are we very intolerant in ireland with regards to "high-spirited" individuals. I always remember when nz were beating us for fun their players were covered in tatoos and were regularly getting drunk and "high spirited" in public. Our reponse was to be as clean cut and uncontroversial as possible. Some lads are made like that but a lot aren't.

      One player who has been a fringe player for ireland for a few years was involved in an incident a few years ago, he was returning to the team hotel after a night out (the story goes that joe allowed lads out "for ONE OR TWO"). This lad had more than one or two and was acting the eejit, the taxi pulled up outside the hotel and the bill was way more than he expected so he jumped out and tore up the stairs to his room. Taxi driver told the reception who had witnessed the lad sprinting through the lobby. They knew he was a player so who did they call? Call Joe? No they called the team manager at the time (not paul dean before that) who had strictly instructed them not to tell joe anything of this nature.

      The player himself thought he had gotten away with everything until he saw the manager in the lobby smiling at him "i took care of the taxi and don't worry, i won't tell joe."

      Apparently it was just one of many clean up jobs that the managers under joe had to deal with. Simon easterby tells a story of being found running naked through the hotel corridors by warren gatland, then managing Ireland, who told him to go to bed but saw the funny side and tended to pick him. Always got the impression Joe was too puritanical to tolerate that stuff


        Ger Earls, best flanker by a country mile in his time,
        psychoanalysis is wasted on the Irish; Sigmund Freud


          Mick Fitzgibbon and Pat O'Harare. Both were worth far more caps than they received
          Gwan Joe!!